Wikiroulette Is a beautiful time waster

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 15 Nov 2021

Recently I have found the and it's really enjoyable and informative. Maybe this will make me better for a quiz with all this random knowledge.

When I find some time to waste I like to open wikiroulette and start reading the random page it provides me. The subjects are very divergent and thatโ€™s what it makes more interesting and so I can easily read a few pages without losing interest.

I learn very random things from this and it also improves my English as I read much more in this way.

As an example of the Wikiroulette:

The first page I got to see was for the Nyctemera luzonensis which is a moth that was first found in the Phillippines in 1915. A very nice creature.


Turning the roulette again gave me the page of Danny Oโ€™Keefe. He is an American Folk singer and songwriter born in 1943. Did not know him but he has a nice discography with a few songs reaching nice rankings in the Billboard Hot 100 charts and his songs are covered by a large number of musicians. ย 


The third page I got to see through the wikiroulette was Laskowka Delastowska. This is a small village in the district of Gmina Szczucin in southern Poland.


I like reading but also sharing these random facts, maybe I make a series from this. People liking it or not itโ€™s a great opportunity to try and improve my writing while doing something I like.

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PfewPfew Random

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