Road to 100K coinpot tokens #2

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 20 Sep 2020

Hello I'm back 


I took a holiday for a few days to relax at the beach and listen to amazing seagull sounds LOL. This means that I did not claim anything from the coinpot faucets in the last 4 days. This did not stop the rise of coinpot tokens because before my departure I got 1 referral on every faucet associated with coinpot (to whoever you are thank you very much). This referral made me earn crypto passively without me doing anything. He/she is very active and made more than 800 claims in these last 4 days which makes me very happy. Now for my accumulation of coinpot tokens the holiday meant that it rose slower than before but it wasn't stagnant and I still got a very decent amount of tokens from the referral claims. Hopefully I can get some more referrals in the coming days and increase the passive coinpot crypto income.

My total coinpot tokens as of writing this post on the 20th of september:


History of coinpot tokens;


For the VIP rewards this means that I now get 1 coinpot token of interest every day:

(Take in mind that the total amount of tokens is not yet fully updated in this VIP reward section page)


The short term goal is to reach the 10K coinpot tokens mark. This would be the 10% mark of the final goal of 100K tokens.

Bye everyone and good luck with everything.



What is coinpot?

Coinpot is a microwallet where your earnings from 7 different associated faucets are going. 5 different cryptos are supported, including: BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, Dash and there are also coinpot tokens. For every claim you make from a faucet you are rewarded with an extra 3 coinpot tokens. The cryptos can be converted to an other type of supported crypto in the wallet. For example, as of writing this article 100 coinpot tokens can be converted to 0.00000085 BTC (85 SATS).

How to earn from coinpot?

1) First, you have to go to coinpot and create an account with your email address. 

2) After the coinpot registration, you can connect (log in) with this email address into the 7 participating faucets:

3) All you have to do now is claim the cryptos by solving a captcha which takes less than 8 seconds

4) Smile and be happy with your easy and free cryptos :)

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