Recap of the day - 10/09/2020

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 10 Sep 2020

Hi everyone, today was a good day. 



I aimed for 100 claims from the Coinpot faucets to receive a star and an extra 100 coinpot tokens. f8e4773243f88b229cbc1406b098dd7bb8e98129970eadb03bac183267b71bc9.png


Another thing I am testing is the multiplier to see if I can make some extra tokens from this feature. Therefore I set up an autoroll with settings i'm trying out: 


Today it worked out and in the total of 1027 rolls today I made 2 tokens profit (yay) but also reached the daily 1000 multiplier rolls challenge for an extra star and 100 coinpot tokens. This daily challenge is the goal I set for every day from now on and hopefully I reach the 1000 multiplier rolls before I lose 100 tokens to make a profit from this method. f8e4773243f88b229cbc1406b098dd7bb8e98129970eadb03bac183267b71bc9.png


Binance (day trading):

Recently I made a deposit on Binance to begin with some day trading. After watching loads of free content on youtube and reading many many articles, I felt ready to start trading. I call this my training deposit, it is not really the goal to make a huge profit from this money but it is more to test out different trading strategies and see if I really understand trading. 

Yesterday I already did some little trades but eventually did not make a real profit because the profits were so smaal that the trading fees ate the profit. from today on I'm going to track my trades and share them with you guys (if you want it or not lol). 

I only did one trade today where I saw the opportunity to take a small profit without too much of a risk. Tomorrow and in the coming days, I will spend more time on binance and hopefully make more trades with a profit.


A Trade with 0.87% profit (but ofcourse you have to take into account that I also had to pay a fee of 0.1% for both the buy and the sell order) f8e4773243f88b229cbc1406b098dd7bb8e98129970eadb03bac183267b71bc9.png

overall I'm happy with this trade because I did not spend too much time and feel I have atleast some understanding of what i'm doing.


Other than the binance trade and the coinpot faucet claims I also accumulated some coins on Cointiply.

I did:

  • watch severall add videos on mobile
  • watch PTC adds on mobile
  • some surveys (rejected for all of them)
  • multiple faucet claims
  • rain pools (from chat)

I received atleast 1300 coins today which brings me to a total of 6414 coins earned on cointiply. I used 3000 coins to buy 3 common pods (for the first time) and received a lot of good consumables and my first equipable Memplate for a +2% on offers. Hope these will pay themselves back in the long run (but I'm confident they will). f8e4773243f88b229cbc1406b098dd7bb8e98129970eadb03bac183267b71bc9.png


Now I need to level to unlock the other slots and receive enough coins to buy more pods because these extra percentages are the way to go to earn big. I want to get a reward booster for every slot before I do the big offers.

Additionally I tested out many different other faucets to possibly add to my faucet cycle I do every day. The biggest thing I'm trying to do is to get some people using my referral links so I can make this more passive and earn much more in the long run. 

Besides the online stuff:

I took 2 walks of 30 minutes for some fresh air and enjoy the sun. Also, I took the bike to the city to do some grocery shopping. On twitch I watched different streamers play the game Among us that seems really fun and I want to try this out myself.

I hope your day was even better than mine and don't forget to let me know what your plans are to make some extra online income. If you are interested in any of the ways I talked about in this post and to collect some crypto you can use my referral links from this post but certainly don't feel obligated.



What is coinpot?

Coinpot is a microwallet where your earnings from 7 different associated faucets are going. 5 different cryptos are supported, including: BTC, LTC, DOGE, BCH, Dash and there are also coinpot tokens. For every claim you make from a faucet you are rewarded with an extra 3 coinpot tokens. The cryptos can be converted to an other type of supported crypto in the wallet. For example, as of writing this article 100 coinpot tokens can be converted to 0.00000085 BTC (85 SATS).

How to earn from coinpot?

1) First, you have to go to coinpot and create an account with your email address. 

2) After the coinpot registration, you can connect (log in) with this email address into the 7 participating faucets:

3) All you have to do now is claim the cryptos by solving a captcha which takes less than 8 seconds

4) Smile and be happy with your easy and free cryptos :)

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