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Random unnecessary facts Episode 3

By PfewPfew | PfewPfew Random | 25 Nov 2021

Hi everyone

Again some random facts to make your brain grow a little bigger. 

  • Surf music, maybe more known as surf rock is a type of rock music that is associated with the culture of the sport surfing, particularly when speaking about surfing in Southern California. Especially in the 60s, this style of music saw some popularity.
  • Ocean Airlines (not OceanAir) was an airline mainly dedicated to the transport of cargo. This airline was based in Italy with its main base in Brescia airport. Their cargo services were served mainly to Asia. Their fleet consisted of 4 Boeing 747-200F aircraft.
  • Adwaita (“the one and only” in Sanskrit) is a male Aldabra giant tortoise living in Kolkata (India) in the zoological gardens. He died in 2006 and was then believed to be one of the longest-living animals in the world. He has been estimated to be at least 150 years old but some estimates suggest he may have been 255 years at the time of his dead (these estimates have to be confirmed).


  • Schnabel is a surname from Germany meaning ‘beak’.
  • This satellite image captured Hurricane Ava on June 6 in 1973. This was when the hurricane was at its peak intensity. This is the first recorded Category 5 hurricane in the Pacific east basin. Overall as of the time of writing, this hurricane is tied as the fifth strongest Pacific hurricane that is ever recorded.





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PfewPfew Random
PfewPfew Random

First-time blogger, Crypto enthusiast and early investor, Biomedical engineer, Football player, Creating streams of passive income, Striving for financial freedom, Content creator and many many more :) I want to record and share my journey to financial freedom. Sharing my discoveries and learning together with you along the way.

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