NANKURUNAISA: with time everything will be settled

By laviadellescimmie | personalgrowth | 9 Apr 2020

There are more ways to react when a negative event hits our lives. There are the pessimistic people who see only the catastrophic side and then there are the optimistic people, those convinced that with time everything will settle down.

Whether it’s a bad grade at the university, a love just ended, a disease that keeps billions of people in their homes segregated, the reactions of each of us repeat.

So many despair, lament, see their lives end.

Do you think this is the right way to deal with the situation? Do you think life ends because one time the course of events doesn’t go exactly as you want?

Perhaps you should discover the meaning of a wonderful Japanese word: nankurunaisa.

The bubble of negativity

There is one thing in which we human beings are true masters: drama.

Every time something bad happens to us, big or small, we can only see the most devastating aspect of our lives.

We have one more thought that swirls around our heads, another new problem to solve, a more or less radical change of our routine and, what so many appeal to justify their own complaint, the having to spend money to jump out of it.

This is what happens to each of us when something hits us individually. But when an entire nation is involved, or even the whole world?

I’ve read people who have literally bitten each other in words on social media, others who read bulletins of the dead and others who still say that the world has never seen such a cataclysm.

In this sense, Indian culture is wonderful because it has the strongly entrenched idea that everything has already happened and that everything repeats itself. If it’s already been passed once, why shouldn’t we be able to get over it again?

But there is a culture that has made just the antidote for this negativity and it is the Japanese one.

The nankurunaisa as an antidote to negativity

In the Okinawa dialect there is a beautiful expression: makutu sookee nankuru nai sa.

From this has been extrapolated the word nankurunaisa that can be generically translated in this way "with time everything will be fine".

Why are we telling you all this? Because we have at our disposal a powerful tool that allows us to overcome any obstacle: the mind.

But the mind must be nourished, like the stomach.

If you feed it negative thoughts and inputs, it will only focus on the disastrous part of the situation. While, if you feed it with love and positive thoughts, the mind will be more reactive and see the good side even in the worst misfortune.

We apply the nankurunaisa in our lives

When we are inside any negative situation, personal or collective, we have the freedom to choose whether to be among those who do nothing but dig into the pit of negativity or whether we want to be part of those who rise up to the light.

I’ve made up my mind on so many occasions, but one has been more impressed than the others.

During isolation due to coronavirus I received, almost at the same time, two notifications on Facebook. One of them was reporting the beginning of a live broadcast that was once again intended to tell me how many people had died that day because of the virus. The other, instead, invited me to follow a live one from an ashram in India where they shared mantras of love.

Is our choice, there is no right or wrong way.

But you must be aware that this choice, made every single day, affects the entire evolution of your life.

Whenever we find ourselves in a negative situation we can apply the nankurunaisa principle and, even if at that time it seems to us that things are going particularly badly, Our mind will be positive, and we will be absolutely certain that everything will eventually be fine.


Note: This post was originally posted on my blog La Via delle Scimmie.

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