Speak Chat Forum : Earn 18 $ a month

By medeb | personalblog | 19 Jul 2023



With Speak Chat Forum you could earn by various way credits or contests:

SCF Monthly contest for 60 $:

In this contest, you share some things about life inquiries with a chance for winning a prize by the end of the contest and being voted by members.

Topics from real life:

Unlike other forums where the only concern is only making money online there are general threads discussions and then earning money is not required to talk about since the other PTPs are focusing on earning money online as life is crypto and earning, unlike Speak Chat Forum where the greatest part is life inquiries.


Member Corner:

A member could have as a sub forum as a private blog, new members could not post there but old members and top posters of the month could.


Referral section:

You could invite people to join under you to earn more with referring that is why Speak Chat Forum is the best PTP nowadays.


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