Right way to add animated GIF some emojis from toolxox

By medeb | personalblog | 14 Jul 2023


As you could see toolxox com could add some emojis to your GIF images but it could lose animation.

Step 1:

Create a blank image with the GIF image so if your one is 440*350px then make it 440*350px blank.

Step 2:

Add a GIF to image at the place you would so. f93fcdae40c9a2d3a57fd510a4b7f587943e7178d14cbbd62a4550a360a3da4a.png

Step 3:

Go to remove bg to remove background.



sThen click on Modifier after change background:


Go to EZGIF and overlay transparent emoji background to the animated GIF and this works like a charm, not adding background from remove bg as would not work.


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