Hackathon, Definitely not Evil

By Gideon6ix | Personal Thoughts | 16 Apr 2022

Hackathon, Definitely not Evil

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Gideon 6ix

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The word Hackathon seems like it may be something malignant- even my spellchecker hates it. It sounds like an event where evil hackers conspire to ruin your life. The truth is that a Hackathon is much more enthralling than you might expect. If you are a coder/developer/etc and don’t know what it is, then you are probably not a coder/developer/etc (my condolences.)

According to Joshua Tauberer, say that three times fast, a Hackathon is described as “any event of any duration where people come together to solve problems.” Historically, this type of event has event is referred to as a meeting. But, in the context of hacking, coding, and other web development- a new and more descriptive word was needed.

Hackathons have become a great source of finding new talent for tech companies. The Microsoft giant has happily hired winners of past Hackathons to be engineers. There is an excellent article on Medium by Jonathan Allen Grant to help people get involved in these events. Some notable websites to visit: DevPostMajor League Hacking (MLH), and Most events focus on innovation (of course,) sustainability, and connectivity.

I am not a hacker, coder, dev, or engineer, but I am so thankful these geniuses exist. They are critical to helping keep this world turning. Support your Local Coder!

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