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By rmsadkri | Personal Musings | 16 Sep 2021

One of the very first acronyms anyone would learn when they dive into the cryptospace is DYOR. The first time I came across this acronym was on Hive/Leofinance platform in early 2020.

Side note- Shows how important it is for individuals to be in relevant communities.

I did not know what DYOR meant. Quick google search and I realized it means Do Your Own Research. I understood the meaning but it took me next nine months to fully understand the deep meaning it holds. It is one thing to understand what the words mean. We need to experience and live a crypto life to fully understand why and how you DYOR.


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Mid 2020

I was very active on Hive in mid 2020. I was like a kid who found a store with his favorite toys. I tried so many new things and learnt about crypto concepts. The learning I gathered by following the original whales on Hive who experienced a full crypto cycle cannot be measured.

Following few early adopters, I jumped in and invested on pancake-swap. That turned out to be a profitable investment. The success changed my thought process. Success can get into your head and force you to make irrational decisions. It will lead you to take unnecessary and uninformed risks.

DYOR comes handy whenever you are not in your right frame of mind. The very first investment mistake I made was to invest in a yield aggregator on Binance called Acryptos. Nothing wrong with the platform. But, the early success got into me and I refused to take profit. Never realized why the OGs kept saying it's a cycle and what goes up will come down.

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I never researched properly on the platform. I did not perform due diligence on what should be done when the market is going parabolic and every second coin is about to touch the sky.

No DYOR and my plans were baseless. No DYOR and my profits and investments came crashing down. No DYOR and i realized the value of DYOR.

There are so many success stories but failures and missed opportunities hit you harder. The Acryptos saga was one of the failures and learning opportunities for me. I would never put all my eggs in one basket and take bets on it. I would realize my gains and atleast take out my initial investment.

The platform is still functioning. It is not a scam /rug-pull [I think so, who knows].

I will post many other fail-stories on Leofinance platform.

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