AirPods Max vs 1 ETH

By rmsadkri | Personal Musings | 9 Dec 2020

I love Apple products. People always debate whether Apple is good or Android is better. I normally don't fall into that argument. Apple is a closed system and they optimize their products to the fullest, hence highly efficient.
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Apple launched its new audio product - the new AirPod Max. It looks amazingly stylish. The first image that came out was enough to make me drool. I want that. I want the sophistication, the style and more importantly the brand.

Do I want to buy the product? Oh yes.
Will I buy it? I have to say No.

I tell you. This was not me a year ago. I would have jumped into the line and would get that product just to be in the community. I want that to let other people see it and say- hey he has that new product. It would also give me a burst of confidence. I am not saying it would not do that to me if I buy it now. It would do that. But, I have figured something out that I would not have considered a year ago.

That's saving and investing.

I am not new to investing. I have been investing in stocks for quite a while now. But, it was automatic. I would spare a certain percentage of my income every month and use that to buy a portfolio of stocks that I have identified. It was not much of a hassle as I was buying ETFs and few popular tech stocks. Which means, I did not have to spend a lot of time thinking about how I should plan and make profits. It was a long term investment and I would not look into my portfolio every day.

I started investing in Crypto in May 2020 when I first joined Hive. Now I feel, investing in crypto is an obsession. I am almost always looking into crypto price charts. And, since I have been actively selling and buying various crypto assets I know how much I can make with a 500$ investment.

Coming back to the Apple product that I am drooling at, I think there's no point in spending 550$ on that headphone and lose out the opportunity to grow it by 10% overnight. Yes, there is risk but once you know the price waves that ebbs and flows, you can come out of it. I would rather take that risk and invest that 550$ to potentially make it 700$. The product will be good for a year but will definitely depreciate in value. It will give me a listening pleasure but with right compromises I would have the same audio pleasure with some other less expensive products. After all we know that we are paying the high price for its premium brand.

As Binance Twitter posted this image on Twitter yesterday, what do you want?

An AirPods Max or 1 ETH? Choice is yours, choose wisely.

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