Make Peace With Your Past, Let It Go:-

Make Peace With Your Past, Let It Go:-

By Hedayat2323 | Personal_Growth | 2 Jan 2021

You can't start the new chapter if you keep re-reading the last one. "Michael McMillian"

Our past is what we have done with, our present is where we are doing in while our future is what we will do for, to make it better. 

We can't change what we have done in the past but just to regret it. And regretting the past is what always killing our inner happiness. 

Past being bad or even good should be to let go in both the situation. Because in case of being bad we always make ourselves in sorrows by thinking about; if I have done blah blah...that time then there it wouldn't be that happened. And if its happy we will always wish to get it back. Which we couldn't.

Past is a sort of agitation of mind or emotions, Which somehow affects our present. We know that our present is very precious and we shouldn't waste even a second of it thinking about our past because it is guaranteed for our future. Once our present is effected we can't make it to the future strongly and properly. Because according to Rihanna's words; 

"You can't master your future if you are the slave of your past". 

And also I have to add the words of Sissy Gavrilaki that:

"When the past becomes the present you lose the future". 

So we should keep in mind about both our present and future instead of our past. 

Thinking about our past is a ticket to hypertension. And we know that hypertension is associated with numerous physical and mental diseases. So if we wanna live a healthy and wealthy life we should to let our past go.

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