What I Would Do When My HODLings Moon

By Mako Taco | Personal Finance | 30 Dec 2020

“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” – Zen Buddhist Proverb

“Before moon; buy dip, HODL. After moon; buy dip, HODL.” – Mako Taco

Aside from common exit strategies, I really wouldn’t change much in my life. I wouldn’t liquidate all of my precious crypto for filthy fiat. I would liquidate SOME to buy a house. Other than that, it’s the same deal. Okay, maybe I would get an extra gun or two with more ammo, body armor, and night vision. But that’s about it. Everything else I will HODL. I will retain most of my precious HODLings. I have no desire to have more fiat. When I get my paycheck, I become a happy Mako Taco; I have the privilege to convert it into some sweet, precious crypto.

I often read "When Moon, When Lambo." For me, when it finally moons, I will continue with my day. 

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Mako Taco
Mako Taco

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Personal Finance
Personal Finance

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