Investing is boring

Investing is boring

By rajayaku | personal-finance | 23 Jun 2024

Investments are in general a boring subject. It is a behavioral pattern, that you consistently do and wait patiently for (1) results for several years together or (2) a need to arise in your life where you need the money.

You try to improvise your behavior and learn along the way. But everyone would say, consistency is the key and not disturb the compounding.

Investing is for many people a long term goal and keep sending the money into any asset class and give it time to increase in value. Whereas for some people, it is about quick results. They would love to see their portfolio grow quickly, hence they become very inconsistent with their approach. So, they end up losing than gaining the full potential of the compounding effect to their investments. They need the action everyday and end up opening their investment account frequently to see the progress in terms on red/green % of the profit. Investing is not that behavior, investing is to buy the asset and forget it for a while, that’s why I say it is boring. 

Not that you should not look at your investment account at all, but review it once a quarter (3 months) to see how it is doing. You may want to move out of some investments/assets based on your analysis/news or you may want to rebalance your portfolio once a year.

Overall, investing is the best approach for building wealth and it is boring. You should never get excited or regret about its movement during initial few years, however you take the benefits after several years based on your goals of the investment. If it is for your retirement, it should fund you for life once you decide to leave the labor markets.

Let me know your thoughts. Do you find it exciting or boring? How do you control your adrenaline rush when you see your portfolio in high double digits (greed or even red)?

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