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Where Have I Been? - 4.15.2020


Okay to be fair I didn't really leave. I've still been reading and commenting here and there but I haven't made a meaningful post in a while (debatable if any of my posts are meaningful...). But as far as keeping you updated on my life and my investments, I have been lacking for about a week and I apologize. I have been extremely busy with work and I have been trying to sort of issues within some of my invest platforms that I have been using. I feel that as of today I am in a good spot to return to creating some content. If the format or actual content seems to have changed a bit I apologize in advance. Sometimes you just gotta mix things up!

Where Did We Leave Off?

Let's look at what has happened during my off time. I worked another 60 hour work week, so that puts me at working 12/15 of the last 15 works days we've had. That's pretty unusual for me, but I can't complain because I still have a job and it has been keeping me busy! But, I also can't complain because I recently got a raise! And not just a regular raise, it was over double what I projected for myself. I was able to snag a 6.4% raise this year, even during all this COVID19 craziness. I am truly thankful for being able to receive this. It will help a lot when it comes to building up more cash.

To go off the idea of increasing monthly cash flow, we also recently started the process for refinancing our house. We currently have a 4.625% interest rate, and our monthly mortgage bill is around $950. We began to refinance and it looks like we are going to lock in a rate around 3%, which could lower our monthly payment by around $160 if I've estimated things correctly. Combine this with the extra money from my raise, and our cash flow is increasing nicely. But we also get to take the "cash-out" option while refinancing. This basically allows you to take the difference in the original mortgage and the refinanced mortgage. For us, that comes to $2000 in cash to help us even more during this time!

And for the last bit of cash flowing into our accounts this month, my wife and I will be getting $2400 from the stimulus check (yes we know taxes next year will be a bit off!) and we are planning on using/saving it in responsible ways. All these financial tools and moves are really going to help set us up for success, even during this crazy time!


With That Being Said...

Hopefully not too many of you unfollowed me and left me for dead. I promise I am still here and I have not given up on the Publish vision! I'll be here when you need a random portfolio update or an article talking about something random like Hamburger Helped.

As always, feel free to reach out to me! I still really like/want to engage my audience!


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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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