Neri Has Blessed Me With Two New monKeys 🃏⚡🐵

Praise be to Neri.

I'm just kidding, I don't want you to think I am in a cult or anything. Though I admit, the community I have found within BANANO and CryptomonKey world is certainly a strong one.


You've seen me making posts about how I have been mining and staking crypto (I called it TLM in my previous posts) within the blockchain game Alienworlds. The CryptomonKey project has digital plots of land within the game and so if miners decide to mine within these plots, the CryptomonKeys will get a certain percent of the TLM mined. Since the team owns a few different land plots, there are a lot of options for miners to choose from and still be able to support the monKeys. On top of mining within their plots, you can also stake your TLM to the planet Neri (the planet that the monKey plots are on) to help boost Neri to the top of the TLM leaderboard. For those that are interested and familiar with mining within Alienworlds and want to see my current set up, I will post it below.


But if you aren't familiar with the game itself and are instead interested in the reward I got, then I will dive right in for you. The CryptomonKey team is rewarding miners that do a lot of mining and staking for the monKeys' efforts and projects. These rewards come in the form of NFTs produced by the monKey team. These NFTs are traded on the WAX blockchain and can be sent to other WAX wallets with no transaction fee. Essentially, this is the best type of reward that a crypto enthusiast could receive by doing something on the blockchain.


During this reward cycle, I was gifted with two new NFTs that I hadn't gotten before. I was given the Expanse and Serenity CryptomonKey NFT card (I also got two nice new NFTs for the Alienworld game itself). On the day of release, they were valued at around $9.00 in WAX. However, I have mentioned before that I would never sell these since they were gifted to me by the CryptomonKey team. Still, it is fun to see what type of value you are collecting for yourself.





Both of these fun cards are somehow depicting an activity that is going on within the Alienworlds universe. I do not entirely know what the lore is behind the game, and I do not think that the CryptomonKeys is entirely canon, but you never know what the future holds. Especially if the number of miners within the game is mining on behalf of the monKeys.


The artwork on the Expanse card is actually depicting Neri, the planet that we mine and stake for. It's fun that it got incorporated into the NFT as well. Neri has been jumping up the leaderboards and getting exposure in the form of NFTs is a great plan for the monKeys to get even more miners.



I plan to continue mining until I find that the effort and time commitment is no longer worth the reward. However, I have met an amazing community along the way and I do not see myself wanting to leave it any time soon. It is fun to see how many engaging communities you can find within the crypto/blockchain world.


Again, before I leave I just want to say that if anything I may have mentioned within this article seems a bit confusing or you do not know what I am talking about, I apologize. I will eventually get a more in-depth post around the mechanics of Alienworlds and the WAX Blockchain. I appreciate you all being patient in the meantime!

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