2021 will be spectacular, Bitcoin will cross $100,000 - PlanB

2021 will be spectacular, Bitcoin will cross $100,000 - PlanB

By Permabull | Permabull | 11 Nov 2020

PlanB recently said Bitcoin will tap $100,000 - $288,000 before the end of next year. Following the news around Bitcoin (microstraategy, Paypal, DBS, JPMorgan, Stanley Druckenmiller, etc) it feels like the smart money is moving to Bitcoin. Some of them invest just a slight part of their money, some dive really deep. What matters most, these people and companies will keep promoting Bitcoin to the masses.

I know, we have less than two months until the end of this year but I personally am expecting to reach the ATH from 2017 before we walk into 2021. Once this happen and we'll cross the $20,000, the world will witness another bull-run and I'm pretty sure PlanB isn't the only person who is expecting Bitcoin to cross the magic $100,000 milestone. If you don't know who PlanB is, he's responsible for (among others) this:


He recently twitted this:

People ask if I still believe in my model. To be clear: I have no doubt whatsoever that #bitcoinS2FX is correct and #bitcoin will tap $100K-288K before Dec2021. In fact I have new data that confirms the supply shortage is real. IMO 2021 will be spectacular. Not financial advice!


We're currently about 6 months after the third halving and we can already see the shortage of Bitcoin. There's not much of data due to having only two massive surges Blue line (2013 - after halving in 2012) and Red line (2017 - after halving in 2016) but you can clearly see that we're following the trend and Bitcoin is already up over 50% since the third halving Yellow line (May 2020). If the price will keep on the between the two, we're for sure going to see $100K Bitcoin pretty soon.


Be patient my LamboMoonFrenz, we'll might get to the moon sooner than we originally thought. First we have to cross the $20K and next year, people will start watching closely and later on FOMO in. This time it won't be just people like you & me. This time it'll be multimillion international companies who will just in and push the price much higher.


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Saw crypto as a way to make some cash, a get rich quick scheme. Learned about the tech and will stay in forever. Watching the GOV spending in 2020 made me realise how fiat is controlled way too much and becoming worthless be a minute. Bitcoin for the WIN!


Born to be bull.

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