Pendemic 2: Jack and Jill

By Pauldini | Pendemic | 20 Feb 2021

Another installment of the emotive outpourings of a simple soul swimming in the lockdown soup:


Take my hand and run.

This World is ours now - 

-Downhill and  beautiful


   ...And steeper

Gradual gradients gutted

By the speed of circumstance.

Trust is fuel now.

That impulse of belief

Driving the delirious descent of our feet

Into the release

      ...Of letting go

...Knowing only flow

Feeling sacred spontaneity grow

Until the moment becomes the horizon

-A dichromatic rainbow-

Of Fear and Love.

As to Jack

As from Jill

...To the rest of that f*cking hill...Here we come...

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#Pendemic - A series of poems written through lockdown in the brief moments Lady Crypto allowed

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