My quarantine story

My quarantine story

By Alexcarlos | Peerzadadawood | 3 Apr 2020


Hello everyone i hope you all are fine and safe regarding coronavirus. As we all know and are aware about coronavirus , coronavirus is a disease or virus which in the beginning of 2020 originated from the wuhan city which is located in the country china which is in asia. Then later this virus spread to the whole world and makes a lot of persons ill. In china it kills more than three thousand people but in some countries it kills more than these numbers. According to the latest update number of infected persons to this virus had crosses the one million mark and more than fifty thousand people have died due to this these figures make everyone pain in their hearts i am with the families of death peopls and i hope the infected persons will recover soon and the virus will end soon and we once again start our living comfortabley. Like all the countries my country india have also attacked by this virus and our prime minister have order lockdown before many days i welcome to this step. In my country more than two people has been infected to this virus . 

***what is my coronavirus story, how has it effected me?***

When the first cases was registered in my country at that time i was in my university where i am enjoying my studies. The first cases that was registered in my country was the people of Italy who have come to india for spending some time and enjoying the beauty of India. At that time government think that there is no such issue of coronavirus in our country, but with in few days the people who have travel outside the country gets infected and more and more cases came into existence now government think that the coronavirus have entered into india they start searching the contacts of these persons and also gives speed to the number of coronavirus cases, then one day in evening when i was far from my home government orders complete lockdown in the entire country for 21 days i gets afraid and think how i can reach to my home as all transport had shutdown, then i spend two days in my college hostel and i call my parents to bring me home , after two days my dad comes in his own vehicle at late night and pick me to the home. In my way to home i was stoped in many palces and police tells us why are you traveling in the lockdown i tell them that it was important for me to go home in some places i was allow togo but some didn't allow me and forces me to go through the another road. Also i was tested to the coronavirus thanks to good the all tests came negative and i reach home after traveling for eight hours night. Then in my home government orders me to remain self quarantine for fifteen days i recently complete my quarantine and i am totally safe now. But still due to lockdown i am self quarantine. In these days i didn't come out once that makes me too boring . But i enjoy with living my parents a lot.

***someone i know who has been infected to this virus, how are they now , what was it like for them***
As i tell i am safe for this coronavirus disease also my family is safe from this disease but my teacher's cousin was recently infected to this virus. In these days he is admitted in the SKIMS hospital in srinagar , he got this infection from the other person who have recently traveled to Saudia Arabia. In these days he is stable but he has suffering problem of breathing a lot , when the report of his test came positive he gets some what shock and tell what will happen now but we tell him don't worry you will recover soon.

***Have i used this time to strengthen bonds with loved ones,do i feel i will come out of this a better person***

Absolutely yes i am spending a lot of time with my family in these days and make bonds with my family members more strong i feel that family is also important for me and family makes me happy every time. Also i strengthen my bonds with my friends and play online games with them in these days especially pubg. I also learn a lot from my loved one's they teach me After i will come out of this outbreak i will try my best to be a good person . I will not do any wrong work which makes anyone unhappy and i will spend some time with my family regularly so that at the childhood they do lot of things .

***Do i have any videos/photos to share of where you are hunkering down? Show us how you spend your 24 hours as a prisoner***

As i have not captured any video about this but have a lot of images about what i am doing in the entire qurentine . you can see from fig i am reading at lot and playing with chess with brother. I have also put these photos in my last post how i am spending my quarantine you can check from my blog.

***if you have not been practicing social distancing ,why and what is the world like out there by you***

As i tell in my introduction post i live in Kashmir, i think you know about the Kashmir in news , Kashmir is now the international issue due to some unsuitable situation. We have seen lot of lockdown before for many months , also we have come out from recently lockdown which was for at least eight months. In this lockdown we have net connection but in the last lockdowns we even didn't have net connection so that was more tough for us than this lockdown which was imposed to prevent coronavirus. But still it is vary difficult to remain in our house for many days . This lockdown also causes vary loss to the country and the world . In my last post i have written what are disadvantages of lockdown that you can see from my blog.

Thank's for reading.


My name is alexcarlos Iive in Kashmir india. I am doing vtec in mechanical engineering


Hello everyone, My name is peerzada dawood , I am a student of mechanical engineering 2nd year. In live in Kashmir india which is known as paradise on earth.

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