How fruits remain cold in cold stores
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How fruits remain cold in cold stores

By Alexcarlos | Peerzadadawood | 23 May 2020

Hello everyone i hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak . I think you all know abour the cold stores. Cold stores are used for maintaining the fruits cold or at the lot temperature in so that they didn't get damaged by atmospheric. The cold store extract the heat from the chambers of cold stores and throw it to the atmosphere, the temperature in the chambers remains below the atmospheric temperature. We know in summer the temperature of our surroundings is very high these temperatures can damage our fruits and food and the life of our food gets shorter. For preventing food spoilage we use cold stores. In cold stores the fruits can last for many months. In my Kashmir there are many cold stores in which we put apples for storage and they remains healthy for even seven months. In cold stores there are many components which causes lower temperature. Also some gases like freon , CFC's, etc are used as carries which carries heat from the chamber and throws it to the atmosphere.

There main four components of cold stores which plays important rule in cold stores:

1) compressor: The compressor is a mechanical device. The function of compressor is to compress the gas . When the gas from the evaporator or chamber gets compressed in the compressor . The pressure of the gas also gets increased.

2) Condensor: The function of condenser is to remove the heat from the gas and causes cooling effect to the gas . During condensation the state of gas gets changed from the gas to the liquid.

3) Expand value: Expand value expands the gas and throws it in all the directions of the evaporator. When the liquid passes throw the expander the pressure gets reduced .

4) Evaporater: In the evaporator the fruit's are stored. When the liquid from expander gets expand in the evaporator it absorbs the heat and its state gets converted from liquid to the gas.

Also there are some more equipments in the cold store like pipes,feron gas or R-22, pressure regulators.

Firstly we stored fruits in the chambers or evaporator or fruit chambers. Then we close or seal because heat should not come out of the chamber. Then we start the process. Firstly the gas is compressed in the compressor. When the gss is compressed its pressure gets increased at vary high level. Then this gas is passed to the condenser where the heat is extracted from the gas abd its state gets changed from gas to the liquid. After that the liquid gets expanded through the expand value and throw it in all the directions in the evaporator . In evaporator the liquid absorbs the heat and the fruits remains at the low temperature. During this the liquid once again gets converted to the gas. After that this process gets repeated.

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My name is alexcarlos Iive in Kashmir india. I am doing vtec in mechanical engineering


Hello everyone, My name is peerzada dawood , I am a student of mechanical engineering 2nd year. In live in Kashmir india which is known as paradise on earth.

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