How do I delegate my $PAW to a tribe

By KayDee | $PAW FAQ | 7 May 2022

1) Open Biome/Biota to get the account you want to delegate

Click on Accounts

2) Pick your account then click on the pencil to edit the Tribe like :

Click on the Tribe Edit Button

3) Edit your Tribe preference by either :

- Select from the list (use the arrows to navigate between the different pages)

- Paste an known address (like if you found it on discord server)

- Scan QR code as found from https://tribes.paw.digital/account/<tribe_name>

Pick CatKayDee Tribe

When done the "Representative Account" will be set

4) Click on "Update Tribes"

Click on Update Tribe


ATTENTION: Make sure you wallet is unlock (if not you'll get a warning message)


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