$PAW Staking Optimisations

By KayDee | $PAW FAQ | 9 May 2022

Auto-Delegate Staking Account

Each $PAW Account (here called "BASE ACCOUNT") can be used to create a "STAKING ACCOUNT" (Please refer to the Terminology article for details)

If you have enoug PAW, you can send some from your BASE ACCOUNT to your STAKING ACCOUNT. 

If you then delegate your BASE ACCOUNT to a Tribe, the STAKING ACCOUNT will also be delegated automatically to the same Tribe

It means that you'll get applicable rewards from that Tribe on both accounts

And it means that those rewards will grow your staking base, getting more compound rewards, see below


Using the Staking page, you can see the provisional reward you'll get based on your staked $PAW

You have the option to use "Auto-Stake", meaning that the daily staking rewards are not sent back to your BASE ACCOUNT, but will be added to the STAKING ACCOUNT

Doing this means that the stake amount will increase daily, and so would the rewards, and so would the Tribe reward, as your weight will grow daily


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