Earn Bitcoin while heating your home

By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 17 Mar 2021


WiseMining - Earn Bitcoin while heating your home


I discovered this crazy project while watching the YouTube video "Discover Bitcoin".
The video is really very interesting, it is in French, but you can put the automatic translation in the language of your choice.
I wanted to share this project and this video, because imagining and inventing a product that allows us to reuse the energy lost when we extract bitcoin as when we heat our homes is incredible.


Miner du Bitcoin (BTC) grâce à sa chaudière, c'est désormais possible ! -  Journal du Coin


I'm sorry this article is so short, but there is so much information in the video as well as on the company site that I don't feel entitled to just copy and paste what I see and hear.

I therefore invite you to discover the site of "Sato" the first bitcoin boiler. https://www.wisemining.io/


And discover the video with the interview of Alexandre Vinot, founder of the project.

Twitter Alexandre Vinot: https://twitter.com/Alexandre_Vinot

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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

Passionate, I venture into the jungle of blockchain. Interested in projects, but also in the idea that money becomes a tool. While learning, I move forward and share my discoveries with you… Cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3 Games, Technology etc. Passionné, je m'aventure dans la jungle de la blockchain. Intéressé par les projets, mais aussi par l'idée que l'argent devient un outil. Tout en apprenant, j’avance et partage avec vous mes découvertes… Crypto-monnaie, NFT, jeux Web3, technologie, Free the piggy bank

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