Ledger irresponsible company.

Ledger irresponsible company.

By patou | patou | 31 Oct 2020

Ledger irresponsible company.

Ledger, the leading provider of physical crypto wallets, admitted to being the victim of a data breach on June 17, 2020 that appears to have allowed a "third party" to access at least a million user details.
Ledger customers are currently experiencing numerous phishing campaigns.
Whether by text message or email, hackers try to impersonate the French company in order to extort customers' passphrases.

The goal of hackers is to succeed in obtaining the precious 24-digit code of a person, they just have to enter it in one of their devices, and they will be able to access the wallets of bitcoins, Ethereum and others. cryptocurrencies of their victims.

Ledger informed these clients by email:


Unfortunately, I am one of those customers who trusted Ledger.

This company failed to protect my data, email, cell phone number and even physical address.
As a result my mailbox receives at least one phishing message per week and my cell phone one phishing text message per week minimum.

example of sms:


example of mail:

Legder for Ledger


example of one of the fraudulent sites (very well done by the way): Legder for Ledger



I of course contacted Ledger through support on several occasions:

You have just informed me that I am one of the 9,500 customers who had their data hacked including my email, my name, my first name and my address and mobile number.
Does the Ledger company intend to offer something to compensate us for this damage?
I completed this email giving the address of fraudulent sites (sms and email).




The Ledger company doesn't even bother to answer me

This is where you see the seriousness of the business.
I am very disappointed with their reactions and wanted to tell people who were planning to buy a Ledger key to think carefully because :

  • Is a company that is not able to protect your personal data able to protect your Bitcoin?
  • Is a company like Ledger that plays the ostrich when you contact support a reliable company over time?

    Ask yourself these questions before investing.

For those who already have a key remember: "never give out your 24 word passphrase. Ledger will never ask you for it"


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