5 reasons that prove that Bitcoin is the currency of the future

By patou | patou | 30 Jul 2020

Five reasons to believe that Bitcoin is the currency of the future!


  • With Bitcoin, the money really belongs to you!

Are you reassured to store your money in the bank?
Unfortunately, and especially in times of crisis, the specter of a bank run resurfaces.
Banks do not hesitate to bail themselves out directly (or indirectly) at the expense of their customers.

With bitcoin, the money is yours and no one can come and take it.
Enough to make Bitcoin the currency of the future, right?


  • Bitcoin, my personal bank

The days of the omnipotence of banks are over.
More and more people are dissatisfied with the banking system and the services offered.
Too expensive, Too slow, Prehistoric services, banking services are outdated.

Bitcoin has the advantage of operating on a decentralized system.
You are the only decision maker, you are not accountable to a banker.
Bitcoin is the banking solution that meets today's need for inexpensive and fast transaction fees.


  • Bitcoin, an anti-crisis safe haven

Crises like COVID-19 are a reminder of how fragile the economy and financial markets are.
In March 2019, the stock markets fell, Many stocks still have not recovered.

Investing in cryptocurrency then makes perfect sense.
The price of Bitcoin, like most cryptos, is only influenced by the law of supply and demand.
Bitcoin is immune to the risk of inflation, which is inevitable in times of economic crisis.
Buying cryptocurrency therefore allows you to safely put your money aside.


  • Bitcoin, a currency adapted to new technologies
The development of Bitcoin is backed up by that of blockchain technology.
Blockchain is what allows cryptocurrency to free itself from any regulatory entity.
The blockchain finds applications in all areas such as banking, insurance, peer-to-peer exchanges, etc.
The future is on blockchain!


  • Bitcoin versus cash

The use of cash has been seriously restricted and controlled for several years.
Its use will very soon be banned by the states which will also launch their "Crypto-Euro or Dollards".
Cash in these times of the Coronavirus crisis is considered a potential vector of contamination which will accelerate its disappearance.

Bitcoin will be the big winner from this situation.
Without cash it is difficult to make small transactions while in satoshi it is very achievable.
Cash was also used to conduct transactions anonymously.
Bitcoin perfectly meets these requirements.


For all these reasons, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the currencies of the future.
Buy Bitcoin now to be one step ahead of the future.




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