Which Option Will You Choose? Why?

By PatJules | Three is a Crowd! | 30 Aug 2020

In life having options are a good opportunity to explore possibilities. The more you are exposed to alternatives, the more you would expand your horizon.   if I may ask you, what options do you have? If given that one chance in life, how would you respond?


The following are 3 scenarios that could give you good and not so-good options in life. Which path would you choose and why?


Scenario 1:



She met a guy with whom she doesn't feel romantic about him although personality-wise, he seemed very responsible and ready to take another level with her. The guy's persuasion made her say yes in the end and they've been together for 4 years to be exact until one day during a conference she did not expect to have a good chat with one of the speakers with whom both of them were getting along well after the event. Momentarily, they're communicating consistently and admitted the feeling was mutual.


Now the question is, should they continue communicating even if it would lead to a romantic involvement despite her being engaged? Or she would tell her fiancee that she's falling for someone else unexpectedly? 


Scenario 2:


Image Source: pexels-andrea-piacquadio


He was given a good opportunity overseas to work as the head of technical support in one of the busiest oil industries in the world. As soon as he informed his wife and his two kids, the eldest was 6 years and the youngest was 14 months, they were not so happy about it knowing that their father would leave for a three years contract. He was torn between a once in a lifetime opportunity and his family with whom his wife and his kids would be left behind as family visa is only applicable after completion of one year. 


Now the question is, should he go and take the job where he could improve the economic status for  his family? Or should he stay behind for them and let go of such opportunity?


Scenario 3:


He was a responsible and obedient son to his parents and everything they would tell him to do he simply followed without any questions asked. One day during the Youth for a United World gathering where his mom and dad told him to join, he was struck with the message of, FOLLOW WHERE YOUR HEART TELLS YOU because that's where God speaks! At once he was so excited to inform his loving parents what he wanted and has a strong conviction about him becoming a Priest! Much to his surprise, his mom and dad said no as they wanted him to be a Scientist instead. 


Now the question is, would he follow what his parents want him to be as financially they are still supporting him? Or he would simply go and be a priest? 


These are some of the life-changing situations where some people face and it is very heart wrenching  to see them suffering because of an option that was not fully exercised either  due to unfavorable stimuli or simply the lack of courage to decide.


Which of the following scenarios you could relate and what have you done with it?

Was the consequence favorable on your end?

Why there are people left without any options at all?





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Scenario 1 Image Source: Photo by ICSA from Pexels

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Scenario 3 Image Source: Photo by Chikondi Gunde from Pexels



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Three is a Crowd!
Three is a Crowd!

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