Where are you Going? A Marianne West FreeWrite Prompt

By PatJules | Three is a Crowd! | 6 Sep 2020

"Hey, Lucy, are you sure about this?I guess he has the right to know." my colleague and my best friend at work, Mitch asked me with apprehension. My heart is crying out for him but I needed to do the right thing. It's now or never.

"I was such an idiot"my simple replied. I was fixing my workstation and I have already submitted my irrevocable resignation in the company for a very apparent reason and I don't want Tommy to learn about my real situation. I am carrying his child and I will raise the baby myself, likewise it would be best to start a new life far from him. Very far. I am going back home to my country. 

"In my office, NOW!" my mind was engulfed with my protruding tummy, I wasn't so aware he had dropped by in my area.

"I am sorry sir, but my resignation is irrevocable and I don't have anything to do with the company anymore. Your grandfather had already signed it since yesterday." I tried to look away.

"Don't wait for me to kiss you right here and everyone will see it. Dare me!" using his best teasing expression and his scent caught me off guard that I ran quickly to the pantry nearby.

Whoah relieved to know he didn't follow me through so I could make my gentle exit. I managed to call a taxi and went straight to my place. I have informed my parents over Skype and they were so elated knowing that I decided to go home however they did not know my real situation.


"I will miss you, my dear, we will keep in touch. I will visit you whenever I have a holiday from the company.  I will be the godmother okay. I wish you all the best Lucy." Mitch and I bid our goodbyes at the airport that day of my flight.

Time to check-in and part of my heart left at Hamad International Airport. I was just roaming around inside duty free shopping center when two police officers came to ask me gently.

"Ms. Parker? one police officer inquired.

"Yes, Mr. Officer?" I ghastly asked 

"Please come with us to the office for an investigation!" 

I was so scared I did not show it to them because as far as my track record in the country was concerned, I have never violated any laws not until getting pregnant thus going home was the best option. I was just barely on my 4 weeks hence it's still safe to travel, much more it's still wasn't that obvious at all.

"I don't understand, investigation on what?" 

this time I was really nervous but I tried to keep calm.


"We will discuss it in the office, Ms. Parker, please follow us."

I followed them with my heart pounding so heavily having no idea what's going on. They directed me to that cozy couch facing a very familiar view on the screen! Much to my surprise, it was a candid shot of Tommy and myself during that night we worked together.



I was about to turn my back when I saw him seated calmly yet oozing with authority looking so manly on his white shirt and old-faded jeans, added much charisma instead. I can't be swooning over a mere sight of him. I was about to open my mouth and utter a word...when...



"You were a virgin when we had that passionate night back at your place and we didn't use any protection at all, so it would be likely that when you vomited back at the pantry, I figured it out myself though I cornered Mitch that day you left the office. Think again if I would let leave this country without my permission, so "where do you think you are going? Ms. Lucy Parker, YOU ARE CARRYING MY CHILD! 



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Three is a Crowd!
Three is a Crowd!

Back when my ex-boyfriend (now my hubby) and I were still dating in Doha, since I don’t know my way to that hotel where we supposed to meet for the first time (actually it was recommended by a friend) so I asked her to accompany me instead. She has been living in the Middle East for two years so she knew her way around the area. True enough, (my hubby) at that time arrived too early and like I mentioned from my previous post, I was not really so into him so I was thinking of matchmaking the two.

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