CHILL, just RELAX, when you're tired, REST, but don't ever give Up!

By PatJules | Three is a Crowd! | 30 Aug 2020


Life can be very discouraging,

At times we just really feel like grouching

But when you see that the world is bigger than our own problems

You will be reminded that our life on earth is also fleeting!



Why give up? when we are still alive!

God has given us all the reasons to survive?

You feel the world is on your shoulder?

You gotta be kidding me pal, perhaps you are just getting older!



Chill come on, life is full of awesome opportunities which are wonderful

Haven't you noticed you are still breathing?

The mere fact of thriving is a gem to keep going.

So Relax, when you're tired, REST, but don't ever ever ever give Up!



When you discern fully how God's immense love for humanity 

is wonderful beyond measures,

Would you still fret because of failed pleasures?

How can you be so disconcerting?

when you are breathing for Christ's sake and you are still kicking?




Other people don't have food to eat, but did they give up on life?

and here you are withdrawing due to simple strife?

my friend let me tell you this, 

as long as you are still gasping, panting, sniffling, smelling, touching, 

crying and most of all LIVING,

Hey CHILL, just RELAX, when you're tired, REST, 

but don't ever  ever ever eeeevvvvvveeer giiiiiiiiVe uuuuuuUp!



Do you hear me?

DO you understand me?

Then if you do?

comeback and continue with your gusto

Keep on inspiring and most of all keep on Publishing!




Image Header: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

as per close up photo of a mug: Photo by Olenka Sergienko from Pexels 

You Got This Image: Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels 


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Three is a Crowd!
Three is a Crowd!

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