Presearch is a Search Engine that Pays You! However That's NOT The Most Profitable Part of the Platform

Presearch is a Search Engine that Pays You! However That's NOT The Most Profitable Part of the Platform

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 17 May 2020

Okay guys I've got another crypto-centric passive income opportunity here and this one is really exciting. Ive been holding off discussing it because I really wanted to experiment with the platform for a while and make sure I could give an all encompassing post, so be prepared this one will be detailed.

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine. It rewards it's users for making searches and contributing to the platform with it's built-in token. Presearch then allows you to use these tokens, either earned or purchased, to utilize the advertising system that is built into the search engine and build wealth. We will discuss all of these elements, the good and the bad!

Okay so you're one of my readers and that means you're interested in the earning money side of Presearch. So let's get into the details! After all that's where the devil is right?

The actual Presearch search engine operates mainly as a browser extension that operates in your address bar. You can add it to most major browsers including our passive income favourite Brave. Adding it to your browser will merely be upping the amount of income you will be passively receiving while browsing the internet.

The Presearch token (PRE) is an Ethereum-based token, currently valued as of this writing at roughly $0.011 US each. Once you have the browser extension installed you will earn .25 PRE for every search you make. Not too shabby considering it only takes a few seconds to make a search! Although this does limit itself to 8 PRE a day to prevent people just sitting there and searching all day long.


But this is quite the opposite of the classic N'Sync album...there are in fact strings attached. One negative is that Presearch expects you to accumulate a total of 1000 PRE before you will gain access to any of your tokens earned via searching. And no, you can't just buy some tokens to skip ahead and unlock your earnings. You must earn every single one via the search function. This means even if you were to go out of your way and search the maximum 32 times a day, every day. You would still need 125 days to reach this payout. And if you're like me and NOT going out of your way to sit there and treat the search engine like a faucet it will likely take you a lot longer!

This is something I'm not a big fan of. While I understand giving tokens away for free is a bold move, this is a high barrier to place in front of their utilization. And you'll find those pushing you to join the Presearch ecosystem will often conveniently forget to mention this due to the benefit they get from you signing up via their referral link...

But all in all if this does become your default search engine it IS likely you will reach this payout threshold eventually and you should consider this as real income. This is the easiest to utilize aspect of Presearch's passive income opportunities, but I firmly believe it is not the BEST.

Presearch's "Keyword Staking" protocol is by far the most profitable part of the ecosystem you can engage in when it comes to passive income, and it takes a minimum of 1000 PRE to get involved.

Keyword Staking is a system whereby you select a phrase or word that people are potentially going to search for. Once you select your word or term you then stake your PRE to lay claim to the advertising right's associated with this term. If you are the user with the most PRE staked towards a term, your advertisement will appear when the term is used.

At current values of PRE and this early period of the platform you can potentially grab the advertising rights to a term for a mere $12 USD. If you're a regular reader of mine you will know I am always talking about referral systems. Especially those which provide you with a % of lifetime earnings of a user who signs up to a service via your link. Well with PRE you can find terms that people who are interested in your referral link might search and then provide yourself with a potentially unlimited stream of referrals!

I can't iterate strongly enough how powerful this is! You may need to get a little clever with what terms or words you select, as highly profitable terms will likely be taken by people with hundreds of thousands of PRE. But if you can find an unstaked term that is profitable you will be laughing!

Here is a sample from my experimentation with the platform. I haven't invested a lot into the platform, just enough to snag a keyword or two with no competition. But after a week or two of playing around I've stumbled across a good find.


As you can see I'm not going to let you in on my exact keyword or referral system I'm finding is working for it. I really don't want to have to deal with any unnecessary competition ;)

But after roughly 2.5 weeks these have been my results. Of my 33 clicks, 10 have actually completed the referral process, although it appears only 6 are active on the platform. But these are all referrals I would have never gotten otherwise, earning me approximately $.20 a day. Not a lot now but it is steadily increasing thanks to Presearch! When you math it out, my keyword staking investment will pay itself off in approximately 55 days. And that's based purely on the number of referrals I've already acquired! I can really see the potential here to keep growing if I can find some more keywords that work well.

Another thing I want to point out is that you retain ownership and access to your PRE when it is staked. If you want to try a new keyword you can literally hit a button to cancel your stake, select a new keyword, and then begin staking again within a minute. I would generally give a phrase a day to see how many hits I would get off of it before I moved on to another. And conveniently you can buy your PRE right in your web browser in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum (none of this identity confirmation bull)

Okay so you get free PRE for using the search engine, you can turn your PRE into even more by using it for keyword staking, what else could the platform possibly offer?

Well as these new platforms often do Presearch has a referral system which you can use to earn even more. Now this referral system doesn't fall into the top-tier of systems that are the best for you. The reason being is it only provides you (the referrer) with a one time bonus of 25 PRE in exchange for the referral. You will not be regularly earning. So while the system is helpful I wouldn't prioritize it as a passive income opportunity. One helpful element though is that there IS a bonus for using someones referral link when you signup. The user being referred will ALSO receive 25 PRE. It's always helpful when a platform provides an incentive, it makes it a lot easier to get people to use your link.

All in all Presearch is a great platform for those pursuing passive income opportunities. When you combine all 3 of these systems you will definitely find yourself coming out ahead. Now keep in mind all of this information can change. Currently there is NO COST to staking a keyword and receiving ad clicks. And Presearch has stated this will continue until at least January 2021. But it's likely at some point they will implement a "price per click." So I strongly suggesting taking advantage of the system as it is currently.

What's also great is through all of this you are going to be helping to decentralize the world of search engines. So much of searching is done via the same handful of search engines (Hello Google), leading those who optimize their websites and ads for them to the promised land and leaving all others behind. I honestly view Presearch as a breath of fresh air. I love the concept of rewarding the viewer of ads, and the readers of articles and believe Presearch deserves a larger userbase in the same categories as Publish0x and Brave Browser.

And yes, every single link in this article is a referral link I will benefit from. Feel free to go to the platform via a quick *cringe* Google search if you aren't interested in helping a fellow crypto-nut out. But keep in mind you'll lose out on 25 bonus PRE!

Edit: As of today, and reaching 50 clicks on my ad, I managed to get into a bidding war with a stranger over my keyword and have lost. I decided to take my now 4,000 PRE investment and move it into less competitive keywords using a 1,000 stake on each. Hopefully my new strategy fairs well!

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