Passive Income Selling Stock Photos is Old News...But Doing it Directly for Bitcoin Isn't!

Passive Income Selling Stock Photos is Old News...But Doing it Directly for Bitcoin Isn't!

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 9 May 2020

When you begin looking into ways to earn passive income you're likely going to run across the typical "Top 20 ways to earn money while sitting at home" blog. Somewhere in that list will be the supremely unique suggestion of selling your photos as stock photos for side cash.

Selling stock photos won't bring in a lot for most, unless you can reach a portfolio of tens of thousands of images, or are particularly savvy at what images you snap. But it's tried and true for a reason. Firstly, it is TRUE passive income, once you upload the image of course. And one image on the right platform can potentially keep paying you for your whole life.

And that's why today we are going to discuss the Lightning-Enabled platform that allows you to sell your images for as little as a cent, and be paid immediately, while being charged no fees for the process!


Bitcoin4Photos takes the "old hat" of stock photos and rejuvenates it. Launched in 2019, they are a free and open source marketplace where you upload your images and price them. When a buyer finds your image and wishes to use it they purchase it for your listed price. Pretty simple! And a lot of potential for passive income given the nature of uploading an image and then potentially earning off of it for years. But there is a lot going on behind the scenes here...

When you upload an image for sale to Bitcoin4Photos it is stored using Blockstack. Blockstack is many things, but primarily with Bitcoin4Photos it is a decentralized identity and storage solution whereby your Blockstack identity unlocks access to your images. So first thing you will need to do is get yourself your decentralized identity from Blockstack! It only takes a minute and simply requires you selecting a username and recording your keys.  Once done you now have a decentralized identity able to unlock your stored information in hundreds of applications. You can look into this more yourself but today we're going to stick to talking Bitcoin4Photos and this is merely our gateway to utilizing their website!

Now your new identity and the transactional metadata to access your images will be stored on the Blockstack blockchain. The images themselves will be locked away in Blockstack's storage called "Gaia," where they can only be accessed via your identity.

Wow that sounded complicated! But it really does feel like logging into any other service with your account details, and boom! You have access to your images. Little do you know you're participating in cutting edge decentralized storage...

Alright you've got your image on Bitcoin4Photos, and you've set a price. Someone has browsed the website and decided to purchase it! Congratulations! 


You'll immediately see you have a positive balance on your account. Firstly, unlike most other stock image platforms you will notice Bitcoin4Photos doesn't charge you any fees at all. And why should they? You're the artists and are the one who should be paid.

And once again we see the cutting edge side of the platform. Any positive balance you get on the platform can be immediately withdrawn via the Lightning Network! I'm not exaggerating either, even if you only have 1 cent owed to you on the platform you can make a withdrawal. You will need to have a Lightning enabled wallet where you can create a payment request for the amount you're owed and submit it. And that's all that's needed! With lightning network you will receive your money almost immediately.

If like many you haven't spent any up close and personal time with the Lightning Network yet you will need a Lightning-enabled wallet. I recommend Eclair for advanced users or Wallet of Satoshi to get just the basics.

Now normally I don't write about passive income methods I don't utilize myself but truthfully I'm not much of a photographer. I've played around with the platform for fun/experimentation and the sake of writing this article, but I'm not actively earning money from the few images I've uploaded. And I doubt anyone is making a livable side income off of Bitcoin4Photos. The main problem likely being the userbase of the platform when it comes to customers is microscopic when you compare it to industry giants like Adobe or Getty.

But I decided to highlight it anyways for a few reasons. It's a traditional passive income method merging with the wonders of cryptocurrency and that is awesome to see and really excites me. They really are on the frontlines when it comes to integrating new tech into old systems with the inclusion of Blockstack and Lightning Network.

Also, to encourage adoption of Bitcoin4Photos, because it really is a step ahead in regards to how it treats its artists. The artist earning 100% of the payment is unheard of in the stock image world and one image sale on Bitcoin4Photos could be worth the same as fifty sales on a larger scale platform. If this platform got even a 1% share of overall stock image sales it would revolutionize an industry and the lives of artists worldwide. I really believe in the platform and it's ideals, the same as I believe in Publish0x and their system of rewarding both authors and readers. Now go out there and upload a picture! For how complicated it sounds the signup process is rather quick, and you can have a Lightning wallet in minutes!

If you decide to join Publish0x because of my article, the platform where readers can tip authors for FREE. Please consider using my referral link. 


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