Earn Litecoin For Just a Few Seconds an Hour! With Bitcoin Aliens' Free Litecoin App

Earn Litecoin For Just a Few Seconds an Hour! With Bitcoin Aliens' Free Litecoin App

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 20 Jun 2020

Today's post will be a quick one! I've had a very good experience with this faucet available on Android and IOS and wanted to get the information out to you guys. The faucet is operated by Bitcoin Aliens, a company that's been running cryptocurrency faucets since 2014 primarily offering Bitcoin. Of late they've expanded to operate the Free Litecoin faucet.


They pay out reliably once a week for any account holding 20,000 Litoshi or more. All you have to do is set your address and play away! You will reach this threshold extremely quickly. Every hour you are able to make a claim where the app will "roll" a value from 200-100,000 Litoshi. Believe it or not rolls in excess of 1000 Litoshi are actually quite common because you are actually allowed to roll twice and take the better result. You are also given the option of watching a video to get 2 more rolls of the dice.

Free Litceoin also features the ability to complete a few "bonus claims" every 4 hours. Which consists of you watching a video to roll another moderate value of Litoshi. Though in this "game" you are unable to roll the very high values present in the hourly faucet.

So if you're often claiming around 1000 Litoshi from a claim, let's check out how much that really amounts to! Currently it's about $.0008 USD. Which means you're looking at earning a cent or two a day in your free time from casually clicking on your phone. I generally do this while I'm doing other things. Be it watching Netflix, making some food, or sitting on my porcelain throne. It honestly isn't much but I love to keep "stacking sats" no matter what I'm doing!


Honestly, what's the point of even going to the bathroom if you're not going to use your phone while you're there?

As I said they pay out once a week on Tuesdays! All you must do is set your address in the "control panel" section of the app. You can use any address you want, although I highly recommend Coinbase. Normally I would never suggest storing your crypto on an exchange, but Coinbase has a very simple exchange feature whereby you can swap this Litecoin for any crypto you want that they support. That means once you reach a very low minimum of around 10 cents of Litecoin you can swap it for your favourite Crypto! I myself like to make the change to Tezos, a crypto that offers me passive income opportunities.

Bitcoin Aliens is a great company and I recommend any faucet they operate. But I find this one to be my favourite due to how quick it is to make a claim. I actually used a stopwatch and from before I even had the app launched it only took 15 seconds to launch the app, make a claim and close it! The menu is streamlined and the app itself is very responsive. 

And of course, Free Litecoin has a referral system for all my passive income fans out there! It does fall into the upper tier of systems for us. The referral comes in the form of a link meaning it's easy to embed into articles and effortless for people to use. Pffft...like anyone would be smart enough to do that right? Also it offers you 10% of the lifetime earnings of any who use the link. Not a tremendous amount but definitely noticeable. The ONLY negative is that the referral doesn't offer any "sign up incentive" for those using it. An incentive would be all that is needed to put it at the highest tier of referral systems we look for. But it's still very good! I suggest you try to make use of this one if you're looking for more passive income!

Since 2014 the Bitcoin Aliens games have given away over 1090 BTC (7+ million USD). That is just insane! There is no reason to doubt they are near the top of the game when it comes to the world of faucets. And their apps have been downloaded over 2.5 million times between Android and IOS, WOW. I highly recommend Free Litecoin! But really, if you are withdrawing to Coinbase the app might as well be called Free-whatever you want! It's a faucet that offers quick claims, a responsive app, reliable payouts, and a good passive income opportunity! Check it out!


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