The Power of Spare Change

By Ex3lausion | Passivegrowth | 26 Nov 2020

When I was a young child, I used to look for spare change wherever I went. Anytime I spent a dollar, I was sure to grab my change and stash it into my pockets. I'd even look for stray quarters on the ground. When I got home, I'd rush to my room and dump whatever change I found into a piggy bank. There was no greater feeling than dumping out those coins to see how much I had saved as a kid.
































Nowadays with the cash system seeming to be more and more rare, I find myself actually annoyed if I get coins back. I very rarely use cash these days and most charges get put onto a card so I can take advantage of various rewards programs. Luckily though, there is now a way to still save with "spare change" from your credit or debit card, Acorns.































































Acorns is an investment platform that you simply sync your debit and credit cards to. Then whenever you make a purchase, it rounds up what you spent to the nearest dollar and invest the change. So say you spent $11.88, the system would then save 22 cents. This is what they call "round ups". Once these round ups reach $5, it then invests them into your portfolio. Your portfolio consists of partial shares of large company stocks, medium sized company stocks, small company stocks, and international company stocks.




























































































































































Your portfolio allocation is based on how aggressive you want to be in your investment. Just like all investing, the more aggressive the higher the risk. I personally have mine set to the highest level of aggressive investing due to the fact that I'm not in a rush to touch this money and can handle some short term dips if it amounts to long term growth. For this year, my account has grown by just over 17% which is well over the stock market average. For the lifetime of my account, it has grown over 22%!
































Acorns also offers other ways to increase your investment. You can make lump sum investments into your account. You can set these investments to be weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also just have it be a one time investment. 
































To use Acorns, you can either use their app or their website. Both the app and website are very clearly laid out and easy to figure out. I personally prefer their app because I am very rarely in front of a computer these days. 
































Acorns also has ways to earn free money. They call this "Acorns Earn". Through this option, you can shop through companies that have partnered with Acorns and you get cashback from shopping with them.






























































































You can also earn money by simply completing insurance quotes. Each quote typically gets you $5.































































Acorns also has free articles to teach you about investing and other money management tips.































































Acorns also offers a referral program. This program means that if you get someone to sign up with your link, th parties get an additional $5 into their account. So if you have a large social media following or have friends interested in investing, you can both benefit by them signing up for a great service. 
























If you are interested in passively growing wealth, then sign up here: Acorns
































































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