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By Ex3lausion | Passivegrowth | 28 Oct 2020

It was not long ago I stumbled across an article on Publish0x about a Telegram group that frequently gave away free Crypto. Naturally I was hesitant and looking for red flags. Yet as soon as I joined, I was welcomed into a great community, and yes they really do give away cryptocurrency.

To be precise, the cryptocurrency they give away is Rapids. If you haven't heard of this project I will attempt to briefly explain it. Rapids is a blockchain technology that focuses on integrating social media, gaming, and entertainment. It is a proof of stake (POS) coin. This means that instead of needing traditional mining rigs that use a lot of power and cost a lot of money, you simply need to stake your Rapids to earn more.


Rapids has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a staking pool. There are eight different pools to choose from. (Listed below in no particular order)




I can personally only speak of using Mycointainer because that is the platform I use. It is a great platform and currently offers 2000 Rapids to those who sign up and I seem to be earning slightly higher than average returns. That airdrop is actually how I learned about this great cryptocurrency. Whichever platform you choose, you can expect similar returns of roughly 25% for those mining in a regular pool. Now if you have 10 million Rapids and create a masternode, you can expect greater returns around 28%. 


One way that Rapids is ahead of the curve, is how simple it is to send Rapids. If you download the Rapids wallet on either Google Play or the App Store, you get an option to create a Linkshare. This creates a personalized link that you can send on any platform. The receiver needs to simply click the link and press one button to claim their Rapids. This method avoids high gas fees and creates an almost instant payment method. They are also focused on the adoption of cryptocurrency in the common marketplace. They are focusing on creating partnerships with companies to accept Rapids as a form of payment.


Rapids is also active in the e-sports world. They often host tournaments where you can win Rapids as the prize. They also have a group of active streamers that create great content. Another fun gaming platform they use is mini games on Telegram where they create a pool for prizes for the high scores of the week. Each week being focused on a different mini game. 

Rapids is extremely active across all social media platforms. They also created their own social media platform to post more about Rapids and help educate the community. This platform is called The community I joined on Telegram, RapidsTipbot, is a great group. They are active 24/7 due to having members from all across the world. They are often giving away free Rapids just for staying active in the chat. Members do this by sharing "rain," "tips," or "luck," which sends Rapids to the other members in the chat from the wallet of the person initiating. They also create fun challenges across social media platforms to raise awareness of the coin and engage the community. Often these challenges are rewarded with Rapids. 


Other Telegram groups to join:




Rapid Gaming

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