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Mining BTC with cryptotab browser

By Coax | passive income through crypto | 12 Jan 2022

Currently my passive income can be categorized into:

1) BUY and HODLING BTC, ETH- doing Dollar Cost Averaging especially during this period

2) Games : Axie infinity and splinterlands. Get reward and stake them

3) Staking: AXS, CAKE in cakeswap, SPS, Mex in maiar exchange, Rome Dao- stake minimum ROME in the campaign to get NFT while gaining those juicy staking reward

4) Faucet: Firefaucet (mainly answer survey twice a day-refer my previous post) , pipeflare (earn daily reward in form of MATIC, ZEC and FLR)

5) Others (using phone and PC/laptop): Gaining BAT while browsing using Brave browser, Honey gain (sharing extra internet bandwidth and gain income effortlessly)

What i was lacking was mining coins. I had no capital to buy new gadget for mining. so i was not looking in this area. They say don't put everything in one basket. So i was lacking in mining basket :). When I was researching for ways to increase my passive income, i stumbled into Cryptotab browser. 

after few days mining


It is a first browser with build in mining function. You can mine BTC while using this browser. It is available for Window, macOS, iphone and android phone. Download it at . You can open it in your PC and let it runs and mining BTC. You can adjust its mining speed when you are working with your pc and put it at max when you are not using the PC. I was using my phone, PC and laptop for work. It does not hurt to get additional free BTC while working. Plus, I already use them to get BAT using brave browser and gain USD on honey gain. Why not add another mining option?

Tips: I open this browser in my PC, laptop and android phone simultaneously using the same account for faster mining. I don't buy booster because i want to do it without any cost. The other reason is that many reviews say that it is only worth it if you buy booster for one year period (you get more discount if you buy for longer period).



My other link:

Feel free to comment or share if you guys have more interesting or other alternative passive income. I will share in detail each of my project in my next post.

Listed here are my referral code. You are welcome to use this if you are interested to join or try

1) Binance- 

2)Kucoin- r3UY54Z

3) Firefaucet- 

4) Honeygain- 

5) Splinterlands- 

6) Pipeflare-


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Salary worker who aims to get passive income

passive income through crypto
passive income through crypto

This is my journey in gaining passive income and crypto investment.

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