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By Coax | passive income through crypto | 26 Dec 2021

Axie infinity

Axie infinity is a pokemon like game where you battle again opponent using 3 monster pet call axie. You need at 3 axies to start playing this game. Through playing this game, you can collect the Small Love Potion (SLP) coin. I played axie infinity for 3 month already. Bought 3 axies with total price of 500 USD in September 2021. You can check the current price at marketplace link below. I played every day for at least half an hour to collect SLP. This SLP can be sold or can be convert to other coin at other exchanger. You can claim it every 2 weeks through your account at market place ( ). Using Ronin network, you can transfer SLP or AXS, free of charge from Ronin wallet to Binance. If you want to transfer from Binance to Ronin wallet using Ronin network, the gas fee is very minimal. The network fee is around 0.005 AXS or 1SLP. Please check the exact fee before doing any transaction. .

By completing daily quest, you can get at least 75 SLP per day. I gain around 80-100 USD every 2 week. By the third month, i already got back my capital. However, here is a huge price drop in SLP price. Current price of SLP during this article is written is 0.03USD. The price when i started to play was around 0.06-0.09USD. And currently there is a restriction that you have to be more than 800 in rank to qualify for rewards. However, when you join the game or when the new season start, you will be starting with rank of 1200. You need to DYOR to calculate if is it still profitable and how long will it take to get back your own initial investment. Currently, I still earn around 50USD per month.


AXS Staking


I already got back my initial investment. And I got monthly income (SLP) from continuing playing this game. These income are used to do AXS staking at . The APR was quite high around 111 to 114% (The APR fluctuate around these figure but did not decline further). You get the reward (in AXS) for staking daily and can re-stake it back, free of charge (currently there is no charge for staking and re-stake -i really like this feature). If you calculate it using financial calculator you can actually get around 200+% APY if you compound it daily!!. I'm quite happy with this because I AM STAKING USING MY MONTHLY REWARD AND GET THESE 200+% APY!!. 

Ron Farming

Ronin network has launched their first DEX called KATANA ( for all AXIE INFINITY tokens in nearly November 2021. I only realized it early Dec 2021. You can connect your Ronin wallet, do the swapping and yield farming in this DEX. Yield farming using AXS/WETH or SLP/WETH will reward you with RON coin. The price for RON is still unknown but since it will be used as native gas token in Ronin network, I am gladly joining this yield farming since I will still be using Ronin network for AXS staking. Now half of my 2 weekly reward which i received from playing axie infinity will be in this yield farming and another half will go to AXS staking. I find it less hassle to convert SLP to AXS here than to transfer it to Binance for conversion.

Axie infinity still got a lot of potential in future. I was not able to by lands due to its pricey cost. But I am happy with my current state and will continue to monitor from time to time. I hope this Game, Staking and Yield Farming can sustained my passive income for a long time so I can focus my other income in other projects.


Note: This is not a financial advice. This is just me sharing my experience. Please do you own research and invest at you own risk.



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Salary worker who aims to get passive income

passive income through crypto
passive income through crypto

This is my journey in gaining passive income and crypto investment.

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