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I hope you are all having a wonderful day today. I just quickly wanted to share how I use listnerds, a blockchain based mailing system to drive organic traffic to my blog posts. 

At first I was skeptical because I am not really a fan of attention grabbing clickbait punchlines and affiliate marketing. But since it is a free tool I just decided to give it a try. Why not? I have been testing the application for 11 days now

  • the links provided in this article are affiliate links I will earn a commission if you sign up with them, thanks!
What does Listnerds do?

It sends the mail sent by users to other users of the network. They will earn MAIL by opening the mail and clicking on the clickthrough link you put in there. This link can lead wherever you want. You can promote your youtube channel, your twitch account, your website or whatever product you might be affiliated with. 

This is the sender side of listnerds but now let's go to the reader side: You will earn 5 MAIL for each mail you read and click. In the FREE PLAN, which I have been trying I accumulated a little less than 1k MAIL and sent out 2 mails to a total of 958 unique readers.

Note, CTR stands for "clickthrough rate" and shows the number of active clicks on your promoted link. 


Just a little side note here, the average open rate on email marketing is about 2.9% so the 54 opens on 864 sent mails is way above average. Well and how many people got to the link I promoted? 96% And some of them left comments on my guilds blogpost on hive:



The post I promoted was our weekly report of our Splinterlands gaming guild. We have a community account on hive accumulating crypto for further investments into blockchain gaming. Check out the post if you are interested of becoming part of a gaming guild focusing not only on gaming but also on content creation and wealth generation. Gaming Guild Acolytesofhelio

The Post got over 220 upvotes and compared to our normal traction that is a huge difference! We quadrupled the number of upvotes with simply sending the link through the mailing list of listnerds. We have been reblogged more and there is more engagement in the comments as well. You can check all the stats of the guilds DAO controlled account on


The big number of reblogs helped gain further traction and we earned a nice amount of secondary layer tokens like SPT the official splinterlands blogging token. MEME the tribe token of the frontend and ONEUP from 
We still have 5 days to go until payout so there could be many more clicks coming in. We will see how it all turns out.





After registering you can use your hive keychain (official download on google playstore or appstore for IOS users) to connect your wallet with the DAPP. You will get to this dashboard and you can click yourself through the very useful tutorials. This is why I will not explain each and every step you need to take. DYOR it is free to sign up so there is no financial risk at all!

In the top middle you see your balances and with a free account you get 1 LISTNERD for free that made about 20% interest in that first 11 days I used the platform. Thats a value of 2$ plus anything you can claim on top. This balance is however locked for a certain time period before you can unstake it. But it is yours to take! You will earn CTP, the tribe token of Click Track Profit a free tool for affiliate marketers. And MAIL that can be used to send mails to the list. The first two tokens can be freely exchanged to BTC or whatever token you preffer on the DEXes of the hive blockchain.

What counts is the numbers and those are pretty impressive even if you only use the free plan.

Whats for free?

  • you can send one mail to the list every 7 days
  • you can earn 5 MAIL per opened and clicked mail
  • The amount of recipients your mail goes to is determined by the MAIL you accumulated. 1 MAIL = one user and one possible lead more.

You can also opt in for a paid plan if you want to get the full potential of this powerful tool. Earn more MAIL and send to up to 10000 users at once.  You can send 2 mails to 10k users daily with the enterprise option for 97$ a month. 

You don't have to spend a dime if you don't want to and will still be rewarded for reading mails and verifying them with your upvotes.


I hope you found this post informative. Let me know what your opinion is. Do not forget to leave a comment and drop your hive username so I can check out your blogposts!


This and many other cool things can be found on my new WEBSITE 





 Blockchain based Mailer

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The more you send the more you earn!

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