DEFI Pulse Index and BCI 25 bringing me the calm I need -Earnings report after 14 days - HOLD GME! You apes!

DEFI Pulse Index and BCI 25 bringing me the calm I need -Earnings report after 14 days - HOLD GME! You apes!

I am a passive Investor I have always been, I truly believe that I don´t have to beat the market I just have to invest in it. There is some great books about investing passively. You can read the work of Gerd Kommer a german investor claiming that it is just better to invest in the market than actually trying to beat it. 

So I am using this investment strategy in ETFs and I was naturally looking for a solution to bring this strategy to the crypto space as well.
So 14 days ago I invested in the DEFI Pulse Index after reading  walkonwayvs article and tipping him. Dont forget to tip the authors that inspire you.

You can see the details of my transaction on the pic posted. Yeah I only invested about 87$ worth of eth to buy 0.43 DPI


Fee was horrendous but I made it all back already. I will keep investing but propably will accumulate more ETH first to save on fees.
My initial investment was doubled by the index in the past 13 days. Due to increase of ETH price and the assets within the DPI my 87$ investment is worth 173$ now. Of course performance wont always be like this but we will see what the future brings. But doubling my money while doing nothing is thing I could get used to.



Another platform where I invest passively is the BCI25 by bitpanda. You can find more information here

Yes its in german so what? ever use googletranslate? if you say shut the fuck up bro   I want in on this BCI25 shit then click here and you get a fucking bonus of 10€ yeah

If you invest in the BCI25 you are investing in the 25 biggest assets by marketcap, it is a managed fund with rebalances done frequently.
Performance over the past 3 weeks: 35% 


The monthly chart of the BCI25

I will keep you all updated how about my portfolio here and on other platforms.
Many shibes!


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5% commission kickback on Binance
10€ Bonus on Bitpanda


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Passive income the key to financial freedom
Passive income the key to financial freedom

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