Free Zcash every day with Passive Income Earning and Global Hive

Earn Free Zcash every day with Passive Income Earnings and Global Hive

Hello again!

This article will be short and sweet since there are not many things to describe here.

The thing could not be simpler. Thanks to the Global Hive website, you can get free Zcash directly to your wallet every day. All you have to do is enter the address of the Zcash wallet and log in once a day to get a free Zcash. The entire operation does not take more than 30 seconds.


Global Hive - website view.

Free Zcash every day with Passive Income Earning and Global Hive


Every day you get a little more coins according to a specific multiplier (1.2x 1.4x 1.6x 1.8x 2.0x) and after five days you can take part in the draw of additional coins. Then the process starts from the beginning.

In addition, you can increase the number of coins that you get daily by using Brave browser and linking your Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Your multiplier will increase for each linked account. The site also has its referral program to which you can invite your friends.

You can use any Zcash wallet however, I decided to use the FaucetPay wallet that I described in an earlier article because I can easily convert Zcash to other available coins.

And that's all.


As always if you decide to try the method described in the article to get additional free Zcash, consider the use of referral links provided in the article,

Global Hive


- it will allow me to create more good content, assuming that it is good...

- it let me check if the affiliate program really works and report to you if it is otherwise,

- it's free for you, thanks.


That being said, hope you enjoyed and see you at the next one.

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