Offernation What is it and How does it Work?

Offernation, a portal valid for everyone where we can earn money totally free by performing different types of tasks thanks to the large number of panels they offer us.

Very good afternoon friends, today it is time to present an excellent portal to earn money called Offernation in which we can perform different types of jobs such as watching ads, listening to the radio, answering surveys, making offers etc. The truth is that they offer us a variety of offer walls and best of all, the minimum to request a payment is only $ 1 .

An interesting fact about this page is that it is managed or administered by the owners of , ( page of the same style with several years in the market and paying without problems ). The company that manages it is  99 Ventures Ltd . located in the city of London (England) in Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden. In addition, Offernation currently has more than 109,109 members already paid more than $ 255,607.38. With all the qualities of this portal plus its statistics, without a doubt that Offernation is a business from which we can get quite a few benefits.



Offernation What is it and How does it Work? "Characteristics"

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language : English. To translate into Spanish you can do it using Google Chrome.

Countries accepted: All the World.

Minimum payment: $ 1  to request payment.

Pay mode:       skrill-processors-compressor 

Referral levels:  Offernation has  1 referral level .

Payments for referrals:  We earn 25% of everything our team generates.

Proof of Payment:  In process.

Contests:  Yes, $ 1,000 is distributed among the 20 users who earn the most money.

Point system: There are tasks where we will be paid in points and then exchange them for money. 1 point = 0.01 $

Account suspension: Your account will be canceled if you have 90 days without entering.

Bonus: For just registering for free  you get $ 0.25 as a gift .



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Offernation What is it and How does it Work? "Functioning"

Offernation summaryThe operation of Offernation is quite simple, the truth is, it basically consists of working the different panels of offers that offer us to make money. In some tasks they will not pay directly in money (cash) and in others they will reward us with points which we can later convert to money. When we get at least the minimum payment that is $ 1, we can already withdraw the money with some payment method that the page offers us.



✅ Registration


Registration is very easy to do, first we go to the Offernation page  and then we go to the top menu where it says "Join Free", we click and a sub-tab that says "Join Free Today" is displayed  , again we click and it takes us to the registration form. We complete the information requested and create our account. Then I recommend you go to your email to see if they send you an activation link ( I think they don't send it, but check anyway ).



✅ How to Earn Money or Points


The sections to start working will be found in the top menu and there are two:

Offernation Work Menu

Make Money: In this section we will find different panels and most of them will be for surveys, we will also find some to see ads or videos.

Offerwalls: Here we will also see different offer walls with well-known panels such as Offertoro, Wallads,, Trialpay, Wannads, Offerwall Ads, Radium 1 among others. These panels basically offer us different types of work such as answering surveys, viewing advertisements, downloading applications, watching videos, etc.



✅ How To Redeem Our Earnings


Once we have at least $ 1 which is the minimum required, we must go to where it says «WITHDRAW» ( this option can be seen in the top menu with blue boxes ). There we will find the different means of payment. If they are going to collect by Paypal, simply put the money to collect and your paypal email. Payments usually arrive within 24 hours of your request.

The minimum to be able to charge for Bitcoin is $ 40. We can also charge by Amazon gift card ( option found where it says "REWARDS" ), for this we need at least 500 points equivalent to $ 5.

"If we want to charge for Amazon, we are required to have charged at least once in cash ( paypal, skrill, bitcoin )."



✅ Promotion Codes (Promo Codes)


At Offernation we have some promotion codes which we can redeem for cash or rewards . These codes  are published at random  both on the  Facebook and Twitter of Offernation so I recommend that you follow them to be aware of both this topic and any other news. When we have a code what we must do is go to Home >> Promo Codes and we will find the option to redeem them.



Offernation What is it and How does it Work? "Others"

As you can see, Offernation is a site where we have a variety of offer panels in which to carry out different types of work. Although it is a valid portal for everyone, there will always be countries that have more tasks available than others, so it is very important, as in all businesses, to take advantage of the referral system that they give us to increase our profits.

The affiliate system is also a very interesting point since we can get 25% of the commissions of our referrals which is quite good. Being a page managed by a serious company, we can take the time to build a solid team and thus begin to increase our daily profits.

Remember that it has a contest where they reward the 20 people who generate the most money, so a good strategy would be to attract people who reside in countries where many offers arrive , especially English-speaking users who are the ones who earn the most money with this type of pages. Also remember that with the affiliates section of our website, we can promote this business like all those we have in Defeat the Crisis and thus begin to get referrals with just a link.

Well folks, that's it regarding  Offernation What is it and How does it Work? . Any questions or queries you already know can be left in the comments below. Greetings kids.


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Offernation What is it and How does it Work?

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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