CoinPayments Full Review

CoinPayments Full Review

CoinPayments a wallet valid for everyone  in which to collect, save or send more than 80 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Etherum. 

Today we are going to see a new wallet in which to store our cryptocurrencies, which,  due to its versatility, reliability and low commissions we have started to use, with extraordinary results.

CoinPayments was founded in 2013 in Vancouver Canada, by the hand of Aleksandrov, an entrepreneur and later successful businessman,  belongs to the company CoinPayments Inc. with the business number 836123786 and registered under ID 9001417 and its main offices are in :  1904-808 Nelson St.  Vancouver  BC V6Z 2H2  Canada 



CoinPayments Complete Tutorial «Features» 


Company: CoinPayments Inc.

Usability: Very easy. 

Countries: Valid worldwide. 

Languages:  Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc ... 

Commissions: They only charge 0.5% commission on each transaction. 

Accepted currencies:  We can keep in our wallet up to more than 50 electronic currencies, including Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Das, etc. 

Exchange: There is the possibility of exchanging different currencies from the platform itself, for example, if we have Litecoin we can exchange them for Bitcoin and thus with the more than more than 80 currencies that are available.

Merchant Tools:  It has an API to integrate shopping carts and different plugins for developers. 


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CoinPayments Complete Tutorial «How it works»

Having a virtual wallet in which to store our electronic coins has never been so easy , we just have to enter CoinPayments and register with an email, without the need for verification or anything similar, just by registering we already have our account enabled to perform all kinds of transactions. 

As it is a pure and hard purse, in this one it is not necessary to link neither credit cards, nor bank accounts or anything similar , for this reason,  we are going to use it to store our bitcoins and make purchases with them, for this reason, it is very simple to use and does not need any verification. 


✅  How to Receive Bitcoin or Other Available Currencies

To receive any type of electronic currency within our CoinPayments account, we only have to do the following:

1º- Click on the horizontal menu where it says "Wallet"  .

2º- We choose the electronic currency that we are going to receive, for example, Bitcoin and click on the green button on the right where it says "Btc Options" .

3º- Then we click on "Deposit / Receive" . 

4º- We will see that we get a long green button, where it says "Add New Deposit Address" we give it and it will automatically give us our bitcoin wallet. 


The bitcoin wallet that you give us, is made up of a series of numbers and letters, this set of characters is what we have to put on the pages that we use to earn free bitcoin and in this way, those bitcoins will be sent to our CoinPayments account .




✅✅  How to Send Bitcoin or Other Available Currencies

To send bitcoins or other currencies from our CoinPayments account to other users, or accounts like Coinbase's, we have to follow these steps: 

1º- Click on the horizontal menu where it says "Wallet" .

2º- We choose the electronic currency that we are going to receive, for example, Bitcoin and click on the green button on the right where it says "Btc Options" . 

3º- Then we click on "Send / Withdraw" . 

4º-  If we look, we get a form in which we just have to fill in the amount of bitcoins we want to send and put the recipient's bitcoin address .



As you can see in the image, it is really easy both to receive bitcoin in our CoinPayments account and to send or withdraw our bitcoins from it and best of all, the commissions are only 0.5% of each transaction. 




CoinPayments Complete Tutorial «Others»

This purse is the one that we have to use as a base, in which we are going to be able to accumulate any type of electronic currency , also, because it works in all countries, none of you are going to have problems with it. 

It has to be like our main portfolio, so after that we can use the bitcoins as each one prefers, either, saving them for later purchases, or that each user sends them to their usual processor such as: 

• Users from Europe, Spain, the United States and Canada  send them to their Coinbase wallet   where they will be able to sell the bitcoins and transfer them to their bank account. 

As you can see each country or state they have to use different bitcoin wallets, therefore, that CoinPayments serve us to use it as a central wallet, where we receive all our bitcoins and after CoiPayments each user passes it to the one that best suits them , Although it must also be said that if you only want to store them or use them to make purchases online, you do not need to transfer them to any other purse , you can store them here without any problem. 


So guys, with CoinPayments Complete Tutorial in Spanish we are finished , but you know that any questions you may have, you can ask us in the comments of this article where we will try to solve them as soon as possible.


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CoinPayments Complete Tutorial 

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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