CoinBulb earn bitcoin by watching ads

CoinBulb earn bitcoin by watching ads

Today we are going to see a portal valid for everyone , in which we are going to be able to earn a few bitcoin portions for FREE .

Very good afternoon to all kids, we continue with our saga of pages to earn bitcoin online for free and from anywhere in the world, we have already seen pages like FreeBitcoin or BTCClicks so in this case we will see everything about Coinbulb a portal very similar to the previous ones.

It is a portal in which they are going to give us a few bitcoin fractions commonly called Satoshi by the simple action of seeing different advertising ads , this is because companies and individuals have the option of promoting their websites within CoinBulb both to get visits and to increase their sales, etc ... and the fastest way to get out of all that advertising is by sharing the income, therefore, CoinBulb shares the advertising profits it receives from companies or individuals who hire their services, with all the users that we are continuously seeing the ads.

In CoinBulb there is a wide variety of daily ads with which to earn bitcoin and one of its features is the premium membership that it has available with which we increase the profits for our referrals.


CoinBulb Earn Bitcoin Viewing Ads "Features"

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language: English  and Spanish  (With Google Chrome).

Accepted countries: Everyone.

Referral Levels: CoinBulb has  1 referral level.

Membership: Yes You can get a Premium account for 90 days for a cost of 0.005 BTC.

Payment per referral:

  • Free User:  100% own clicks - 8.5% referral clicks - 1.5% referral deposits.
  • User with Membership:  200% of own clicks - 17.5% of referral clicks - 12.5% ​​of referral deposits.

Pay mode:  bitcoin

Proof of Payment: Yes See >>

Conditions to request payment: We must have at least 20,000 Satoshis to request payment.

Daily Bonus: If you access your account every day, go to the "Daily bonus" menu section and click on the corresponding date to receive free satoshis. If you complete the calendar (30 days in a row), you will get a Premium Membership for 10 days in a row .



CoinBulb Earn Bitcoin Watching "Video" Ads



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CoinBulb Earn Bitcoin Watching "Running" Ads

The operation of CoinBulb is the same as a PTC , we just have to see a series of ads every day to generate Satoshi (Bitcoin) and I have accumulated more and more to request our first withdrawal, without forgetting also to carry out the corresponding recommendation work to go creating our own team with which to earn higher commissions, for this, you already know that you have the entire affiliate section at your disposal.


Earn Bitcoin

In CoinBulb to earn free Bitcoin what we have to do is click on the top menu where it says "View Ads" , we will see that below we see a list with different advertising ads with a certain amount at the end of them, that amount is the amount of Bitcoin that we will earn when we see them.

CoinBulb Earn Bitcoins Viewing Ads


Once we click on the red button indicated by the arrow number two, a captcha will appear , we fill it in and we will see how the advertisement appears, which we have to see for 10 seconds so that we can be credited with the corresponding amount Bitcoin.



CoinBulb also allows us to acquire a membership with which we will earn a higher percentage for each of the ads that our referrals see, specificallywe went from earning 60% of the clicks made by our referrals when we are free users, to earning 100% of each of the ads they see. Update: The referral commission percentages have been updated and are the ones we put in the "Features" section of this article.

To acquire this membership we must click on the main screen of our administration panel on the button that says "Membership" .

CoinBulb Earn Bitcoins Viewing Ads

We can acquire the membership through the internal balance that we are generating on the platform itself, or failing that, we can also pay it with bitcoin that we have in one of our wallets.

Its price is:

  • 30 days for 4 mBTC
  • 60 days for 7 mBTC
  • 90 days for 10 mBTC
  • 180 days for 18 mBTC

Update: Premium membership can be obtained for 90 days for a price of 0.005 BTC.


Daily Bonus

A new section where we can win some extra satoshis by entering from the «Daily bonus» menu and clicking on the corresponding date on the calendar. If you complete the calendar getting the bonus for 30 days in a row, you will get a Premium membership for 10 days .


How to collect

To collect at CoinBulb, the first thing we have to do is configure our Bitcoin wallet in the "Edit Profile" section, once it has been added to the indicated part of the image that will leave you down there, all you have to do is click on the "Withdraw" button on the menu and our Bitcoin will be sent automatically. (Sometimes it can take a few hours).

The only condition to request payment is that we have at least 20,000 Satoshis which is the minimum payment of CoinBulb , once we have them and we have configured our Bitcoin wallet correctly, as I have previously told you, it will be enough to press on the button « Withdraw »so that our Bitcoin will be sent automatically.

CoinBulb Earn Bitcoins Viewing Ads


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CoinBulb Earn Bitcoin Viewing "Other" Ads

There are already several pages that we have to earn free Bitcoin, an easy and fast way to start generating our first income , in addition, that this modality is allowed in most of the countries around us, so working it will not be a problem.

The main characteristics that I personally find in this portal are: The ease when starting to work on it, the money that we can generate just by seeing the ads and the referral commissions that we can earn , both free of charge and with membership that all those advanced users must assess whether to purchase or not, depending on the equipment they are creating.

I will not tire of saying it over and over again , in one article and in another, but these commissions that we earn with referrals and working a large multitude of pages at the same time are the ones that are really going to make us real money, for This, that the appropriate form of work is:

  • 50% of our time is dedicated to carrying out the different tasks of each portal.
  • And the other 50% must be dedicated to creating a team.

At this point, all or the vast majority have to know that you are in the right place to create and learn to create a team, a team that follows you in all the pages you work, a team that you teach to work so that they too earn money, because DefeatCrisis gives you the opportunity to get referrals for all the pages with a single link and for this I invite you to Watch this Video >>


Without more kids, I hope you like the article from Coinbul and see you soon because we continue to study and test more and more pages so that the largest community dedicated to making money online continues to grow !!!!


Greetings to all 😉


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CoinBulb Earn Bitcoin Watching Ads

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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