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Telegram announces the end of its Blockchain project

Pavel Durov, the founder of the messaging giant Telegram, has announced the end of TON blockchain projects.
Durov explains that the defeat in the legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC) was the reason for the abandonment of the project: ”Unfortunately, the American judge is right on one thing: we, the people in outside the United States, we can vote for our presidents and elect our parliaments, but we still depend on the United States for finance and technology (luckily not coffee). " 

As reported by PassionCrypto  , Judge Kevin Castel of the New York Southern District Court has prohibited Telegram from selling its Gram tokens outside the United States. 

In his article, Durov also warned investors against investing in third-party projects unrelated to Telegram: No current or past member of our team is involved in any of these projects.

The billionaire also describes the world as "too centralized" while wishing good luck to those who are fighting for decentralization. 

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