Is Adam Back Satoshi Nakamoto?

In the past year, news. Bitcoin .com has created a series that shows the many facts that point to certain people who might just be Satoshi Nakamoto and this has been a popular race so far. Our series covered almost everyone, but there are still a few individuals who were n't covered. On May 11, 2020, the popular YouTube channel "Barely Social" posted a video called "Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto", which claims that Blockstream CEO Adam Back could be the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin .

New video shows Adam is back the inventor of Bitcoin

In mid-May, the YouTube channel "Barely Social", a popular creator of analysis videos for "the weird corners of the Internet", released a new video called "Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto". The creator of the video has 391,000 subscribers and the Unmasking Satoshi video has been viewed more than 290,000 times to date. The video was also posted to the three main Reddit forums related to cryptography, r / cryptocurrency, r / bitcoin and r / btc . Barely Social's movie was immediately removed from the r / bitcoin forum , it was discussed in r / cryptocurrency but was strongly rejected, and it was flagged for polling on the r / btc forum.. The video explains the massive disconnect between two large factions of big block supporters and small block supporters, and how they separated from some members of the Bitcoin community .

It all started well before the publication of the Bitcoin white paper at Halloween 2008, when Adam Back described the technology on various occasions and as early as 1998. However, before the publication of cryptocurrency and the white paper, Back s' is apparently removed from the public during Satoshi's development period between 2009 and 2010. Coincidentally after Satoshi's departure, Back appeared on the forum acting as if he had been there for some time, explains the video Barely Social.

The Barely Social film also had a number of other forms of indirect evidence that indicate that Back could be the creator of the cryptocurrency. For years, during the first days, many people have assumed that Back had ignored Bitcoin for a while, then joined the community with great fervor towards technology. Back's first posts and responses to other bitcoiners on the forum show that his technical understanding of blockchain was more advanced than most. Barely Social also points out that when Back joined the community after Satoshi's departure, he was leading people as if he had always been there.

Theymos, Censorship, The Scaling Debate and Gavin Andresen

In addition, the video compares Satoshi's writing style with Back's style, as they both double the space and spell their words in a British way. Barely Social also mentions the email of 2015 which would come from Satoshi, which was never disputed either. In addition, the narrator of the video tells how Adam Back told people that Satoshi had written to him, but unlike Mike Hearn, Back never shared these corresponding emails.

The film also Barley Social plunges deep into the manipulation and propaganda 2015-2017 that have resulted from the die fighting on the block size. In this section of the video, he shows how the owner of r / bitcoin , “Theymos”, has censored thousands of people and thousands of messages and still does so to this day. Theymos operates r / bitcoin ,, the bitcoin wiki page , and it also has some control over bitcoin .org also with an anonymous individual called “Cobra Bitcoin”. Barley Social's video shows that Back and other members of the Blockstream society were complicit in Theymos and its censorship techniques.

The video describes in more detail the role of Gavin Andresen when Satoshi handed the project over to the former lead developer. The Barley Social video details how Andresen fought against the specific control of Bitcoin Core developers over the project and the influence of Blockstream. The video showed little bias and explained that both sides of the argument were looking for control. Barely Social also issued a die fighting   between Andresen and major developers, and Adam Back joined the discussion. Other prominent members of the discussion included Rusty Russell, Greg Maxwell, Theymos and many other Bitcoin Core developers .

When Back appeared in the discussion, it had been anti-hard fork from the start, and said that the Bitcoin community should “foster collaboration and consensus to reduce risk”. Barley Social assumes that many developers know that Back is Satoshi and that it is possible that a number of people have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The video also says that even though Andresen appointed Craig Wright as Satoshi Nakamoto in May 2016, it was deliberately misleading.

The film shows that Back's Blockstream company deliberately stopped scaling up the chain, so the company can bring relief to the community with the Liquid sidechain project. Essentially, the belief is that the company has removed chain scaling and hard forks in order to claim revenue from transaction costs. This is probably why the Bitcoin Cash community and the r / btc forum did not like the Barely Social theory, as they consider Bitcoin's Back and Blockstream enemies .

The r / bitcoin censorship is probably due to the fact that the video exposes the mass censorship that has plagued this sub-credit for years. Adam Back also denies being Satoshi Nakamoto and recently publicly rejected the theory. Back told Decrypt that he was not Satoshi and said, "Just that people speculate, but I am not Satoshi. To shorten searches and searches on Google. Back also spoke on Twitter and said:

Some claim to be Satoshi, google blog search days, and in court, for widespread disbelief. It seems to me that I need the opposite: I am not Satoshi despite [the] recent video / Reddit the pretender. Certain factors and delays may seem suspicious with hindsight; coincidence and facts are messy.

Of course, Barely Social said at the start of the film that Back can always take advantage of plausible denial. There was also a recent YouTube video, on which crypto specialist Tone Vays refuted the Barely Social video. Even though Barely Social was there in the live chat, he was not allowed to debate Vay's reviews, which were filled with insults and common logical errors.

CEO Blockstream and Social Barely have also extensively discussed the topic on Twitter. Following the video and by coincidence, there were also a number of expenses and messages on the BTC blockchain that stem from the first addresses in 2009 and 2010. A block of 50 BTC from February 2009, a month after the launch of the Bitcoin network , has just been spent and sent to another address.


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