Interview: William CEO of XMEX Global

Could you introduce yourself and tell us what your position is within the platform?

Thank you for being invited by  PassionCrypto  . My name is William and I am the CEO of XMEX Global and I will be responsible for the operations and marketing of XMEX Global.XMEX is a trading platform for digital currency derivatives registered in Seychelles. It is an international digital asset derivatives station from a global authority dedicated to providing safe, convenient and reliable global users. Developed and managed by an international professional team, it provides the USDT perpetual contractual transaction servicethe most professional and smoothest to users of global digital assets. Since its launch in December 2018, XMEX has adhered to the user-oriented service philosophy and adheres to the principles of fair and transparent trade. It has been approved by global investors. The exceptional technical team and the powerful intelligent engine allow the XMEX platform to provide 24/7 trading, flexible adjustment of the leverage setting and many traditional perpetual contracts, making your investment more precious!

What is your career?

I am responsible for the CEO of XMEX Global and I will manage the work of XMEX Global. As you know, XEMX is a contract negotiation platform. In 2020, the total number of registered users exceeded 1,000. Total turnover exceeded US $ 1 billion and turnover exceeded US $ 5 billion. I think in the future we will shine in the global market and more international users will like our trading platform

What attracted you to the field of cryptography?

As you know, blockchain technology will be cutting edge technology in the future, and I think Crypto is a good way to explore. This is why I think it will have a good development in the future. By the way, I think crypto derivatives will be at the forefront in the future.

First ly, the commercial contract is an amplification of the bull market. The contract market is an amplification of the bull market. In a certain wave of the bull market. An investor made a hundredfold income, even a thousand, on the contract market. But there will always be such examples, and this example is exactly the most attractive. Secondly, the contract is to improve the secondary market. Finally, the contract also has real commercial needs.

Could you tell me about and the team?

Of course, XMEX is a trading platform for derivatives on digital currencies registered in Seychelles,

XMEX is committed to creating an encrypted digital derivatives trading platform with options, futures, indices and documents as a basis, providing a fair and just liquid financial market.

Xmex has professional Link traders , always listening, rating and thinking about the future, committed to creating a fair, transparent and efficient trading ecosystem, offering global traders a better trading experience to meet their needs real traders!

By the way, XMEX has a full financial trading license and creates a compliant derivatives trading platform!

Could you tell me about your Blockchain and the difference with your competitors?

Of course, XMEX has 8 advantages better than another contractual platform.

Market Depth  The market  depth of the first three gears of the platform has reached the order of one million US dollars, far exceeding the average market depth level of the industry of 10,000 and 100,000 orders of magnitude. The spread is small and the transaction is fast.

Transaction  smoothly   the effective matching trading engine is used to ensure smooth trading experience, which can process millions of orders per second, and can support the smooth and stable operation of 20 million to address checks simultaneous online user.

Fair price  : the  “marked price” uses the real-time transaction prices of the three largest stock exchanges in the world as index prices for the regression calculation, which effectively prevents user loss caused by abnormal manipulation of the last transaction price in a short time.

Self-developed technology:  anchored in the engine for linking financial management, the development of a team of senior experts in the financial sector has been completed and every detail is carefully studied to ensure safe, stable and efficient operation of the trading platform.

Risk control   second level judgment, multilayer encryption, the system is highly secure. The combination of hot and cold wallets, military-grade encryption, security of asset transactions is guaranteed and guarantees the security of users' digital assets 100%.

Financial security   three-layer security system, full security audit. The industry's most advanced deterministic layered cold wallet system, all recharge addresses assigned by users are cold wallet addresses, and fundraising and withdrawal is done via offline signatures.

Strength of the hard core   tens of thousands of BTC reserves , financial innovation genes, the world's management team. XMEX promises that if the account and transaction data is not wrong due to the reason of the system, the platform will pay the full amount in case of error!

GF   7 * 24h professional customer service 24/7, quick response. Building on service thinking, providing world-class customers with first-class trading experience The ultimate experience stems from the concept of serving customers.

Could you tell us a bit about your future plans?

In the future plan, I hope that I can get XMEX and its team to work together and inform more and more people about the xmex trading platform. I hope to have a place on the crypto derivatives platform in the future. When people negotiate a BTC contract   and let them know xmex.

What advice would you give to a company that wants to start in this area today?

As you know, xmex has a TOP4 exchange volume in China and we hope that we will have more international agent to join us and we will also have a competitive commission. If you are interested in letting me know and you can email me: [email protected]

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