Interview: Sofia Li, Director of Overseas Marketing at YOUChain

Welcome to PassionCrypto .com for this interview we contacted Sofia Li from YOUChain

1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us what your position is within YOU COIN (YOU)? 

I'm Sofia Li, director of overseas marketing at YOUChain.

2. What is your professional background?

Former head of overseas operations at BITMAIN Antpool. Project manager in the TRON operations department . Project manager of various projects, e.g. Huston Rocket sponsored by BITMAIN Antpool; TRONAce; Warren Buffet Lunch & Justin Sun and encouragement map USDT based TRC20, etc .

3. What attracted you to the crypto field?

I started my career at BITMAIN since December 2016. Bitcoin , cryptocurrency and the mining industry were fairly new to me. I saw the future potential of this industry, then I gave up job vacancies in universities and government institutions to devote myself to the blockchain of cryptocurrency.

4. Could you tell me about YOU COIN (YOU) and its team?

YOUChain focuses on the realization of large-scale commercial applications, creates a YPoS consensus mechanism and an original investment model. YOUChain aims to create a new generation high-performance and scalable public blockchain, which will give concrete expression to the vision "A mobile device, a node, everyone can participate". The main founding team of YOUChain is made up of Alibaba, Tencent and BITMAIN, who are dedicated to building the YOUChain ecosystem.

Our token is called YOU, it is listed in OKEx、 Exshell 、 Upex and so on. We took the path of user traffic to be listed on OKEx without any registration fees.

The total market value of YOU to date is $ 60 million.

YOUChain has its own DApp call community, YOU, which has 2 million registered users, its active users per day can reach 100,000 users. There are around 10 DApps and over 20 games. We have around 2 million YOU income per month.

Here are some links to help you better understand YOUChain.

Official website:

Twitter: https: //

YOUChain node recruitment: https: //

Github :https: //

White paper :https: //

Test net explorer: https: //

YOU Download iOS (Chinese version): https: // From = singlemessage & isappinstalled = 0

YOU App Android Download (Chinese version): https: // Code = 0VIS

YOU App Android Download (international version): http: //

Waiting for your comments. It will be an honor to be on the Bittrex International list.

5. Can you tell me about your Blockchain and the difference with your competitors?

YOUChain achieves four major technological advances.

YPoS, a BFT consensus algorithm based on VRF and PoS, supports a large number of nodes to achieve consensus.

Super Routing , The P2P system, designed for both broadband and mobile networks, helps improve the penetration and efficiency of complex communication environments.

Intelligent sharding enables unlimited performance expansion using multidimensional trusted sharding technology.

The mobile device as a node, using the above three technologies and the storage compression technology, helps each mobile device to become a network node and achieve full decentralization.

6. Can you tell us a bit more about your future plans?

YOUChain will continue to work with traditional Internet companies and will focus on the area of ​​blockchain business applications.

7. What advice would you give to a company wishing to enter this field today?

User traffic, technology and the token model are three key elements of a public channel for success.

Thanks to Sofia Li, Director of Overseas Marketing at YOUChain for this interview. PassionCrypto .com

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