Colossal Transfer Of $ 1,238,000,000 In Bitcoin (BTC) Triggers Crypto Whale Alert

Colossal Transfer Of $ 1,238,000,000 In Bitcoin (BTC) Triggers Crypto Whale Alert

Traders are following a giant crypto transfer after a whale moved 132,255 Bitcoin ( BTC ) worth around $ 1.24 billion.

The cryptocurrency was moved into three separate transactions, all of which were completed in about a minute. Despite the large amount of BTC involved, the separate transaction fees totaled only $ 1.84.

Speculation about who is behind the transfer swirls on Reddit, where news of the great crypto movement has reached the top of the sub-r / crypto  -  currency.

The whale in question has displaced large amounts of BTC in the past, suggesting that an exchange, institution or daycare may own the funds. So far, no crypto company has declared ownership.

According to the cryptographic data company Glassnode, the number of Bitcoin whales holding at least 10,000 BTC or more has reached its highest level since August of last year. There are now a total of 110 whales in this elite category.

The largest Bitcoin transfer in history was a movement of 500,000 BTC in November 2011.

At the time, the BTC was trading around $ 2.00, which was worth the total transfer to $ 1 million. Today, that amount of BTC is worth about $ 4.67 billion.

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