Bitcoin Racing On NASCAR: The Best Driver Adopts The Logo

Darrel “Bubba” Wallace, who is the only African American to win one of NASCAR's best three national touring series, is reportedly aiming for victory with the Bitcoin logo on his car.

The new look consists of BTC and Cash application logos

In a recent article, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey introduced the spotlights to the NASCAR driver, sharing a prototype of his car's new paint job. It consists of at least two Bitcoin logos and the labels of the Square Cash app on his driver costume.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace's name came out after becoming a member of the Confederate Symbol Suppression Line of Events in the United States last month. In June, NASCAR officials informed that several of their events would ban the Confederate battle flag. The decision came amid national protests against racism, white supremacy and police brutality in the country.

The announcement came two days after "Bubba" Wallace became the first black driver to win one of the top three national series in 50 years. After his victory in June, he asked NASCAR to stop displaying the Confederate flag on its events and races

“No one should feel uncomfortable when it comes to a NASCAR race. “So it starts with the Confederate flags. Get them out of here. They have no place for them. Said Wallace after his victory.

Interestingly enough, as evidenced by Jack Dorsey's tweet, Bubba's car displayed Bitcoin logos , as well as labels from the Square Cash app.

Bitcoin awareness and sports

In the past, the world's largest cryptocurrency has been displayed on various sporting events and team clothing.

In 2019, the great English football club Watford FC also put the BTC logo on the jerseys of their Premier League players. The famous “B” sign is the result of the football club's partnership with a Bitcoin betting platform .

Watford FC has also announced that it is trying to educate the BTC even more and will accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment for a number of merchandise purchases.

In 2014, members and fans of the NASCAR community Reddit have  donated more than $ 55,000 in Dogecoin so that the driver Josh Wise can participate in the NASCAR Talladega Superspeedway. His car was fully themed in the cryptocurrency logos.


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