Bitcoin is the greenest industry in the world: Max Keizer

Bitcoin is the greenest industry in the world: Max Keizer

In an interview published on PassionCrypto recently, a major Bitcoin trader and permabuller , Max Keizer, said that all of the allegations regarding bitcoin mining damaging the environment were false.

"It is the greenest industry in the world"

Many critics of Bitcoin say mining Bitcoin consumes a lot of electricity, thus harming the environment.

Unlike them, Max Keizer believes that BTC mining is actually quite environmentally friendly, since miners prefer to work in regions where electricity prices are lowest or where they can get significant discounts . 

This was the case in 2019, when more than fifty percent of the Bitcoin hashrate was supplied by miners in the Chinese province of Sichuan. This was due to the cold climate, low electricity prices due to the rich hydroelectric resources and the encouragement of local authorities to set up mining enterprises last year.

Oil-rich countries to start producing cheap BTC: Robert Kiyosaki

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, investment guru Robert Kiyosaki said that the countries currently suffering from US sanctions - Venezuela, Iran and Iraq - are likely to use Bitcoin to avoid the impact of these economic restrictions.

The author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" thinks that these countries will start mining Bitcoin at low prices because they have a lot of oil.

On this subject, recently, a Turkish company iMiner won a license to start operating in Iran.

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