2020 Litecoin Price (LTC) Price Forecast | 2025 | 2030

In this price prediction, we will publish our own opinion and that of the market (both popular and expert algorithms) on the future of Litecoin while discussing the Litecoin price forecast for 2019 and beyond.

As this year is almost over, the price prediction for Litecoin 2020 is much more interesting, so we've made sure to include this section as well, be sure to scroll to the end.

Now let's get straight to the point.

Before we dive into Litecoin price prediction and answer questions whether Litecoin is a good investment or not, why will Litecoin succeed or fail, or when the price of Litecoin will go up or down, let's quickly review Litecoin and its history to date.

Intro Litecoin

Litecoin was created on   October 7, 2011   by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee, who stopped working in order to focus full-time on Litecoin . Charlie is very active on Twitter. You can read his blog here. Litecoin was designed to complement Bitcoin by solving problems such as transaction times and concentrated mining pools.

The litecoin has a different transaction mode and operation of the King of crypto, but its price and its growth still dependent on its big brother.

The price of Litecoin suffered greatly in 2018 and this year, Litecoin occupying the fourth place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world, by market capitalization or market capitalization. The cryptocurrency market is still looking for a better metric than market capitalization to express the value of a coin project, because market capitalization has serious flaws and is not a reliable tool to assess a crypto project.

Will Litecoin Survive Beyond 2019

The litecoin [LTC] is one of the pieces that has suffered most of the bear market. The overall market capitalization has fallen below $ 2.5 billion and seems that the loss is not yet over.

It is a well known fact that Charlie Lee sold at the top of the LTC price and tweeted very good advice to the rest of the wearers: On December 12  th  2017, Charlie Lee sent a Tweet telling people not to be too excited with the unsustainable bull run. Charlie warned of the pending multi-year bear market and that anyone who could not manage   litecoin ( LTC ) dropping to $ 20 should not buy it. While many the were attacked as an instigator of FUD, its reasons for making these claims were solid and as   LTC  is now hovering at around $ 30. Charlie explained that whenever the crypto market grows too quickly, it exceeds its real value, resulting in a huge correction and consolidation of prices. Charlie's predictions have come true.

Charlie has not been active in the LTC for quite some time - he's been contributing to the development of the second largest cryptocurrency for years, which is now ranked 7th in the CMC ranking.

Being dubbed Bitcoin silver with gold , Litecoin was introduced in 2011 as a quick fix that was supposed to solve some of the typical problems of the main cryptocoin. With new projects flooding the market in recent years, the role of Litecoin seems to be a thing of the past - LTC is the strange man and no one can make a strong case for the purpose of Litecoin in the future. And the reason why I think litecoin is dead is not because of the price of litecoin- it fell with the whole market and not by its own fault. The reason is the lack of a single value proposition - it's just a brutal copy of bitcoin with a few changed settings.

Litecoin's lack of vision hampers the price of Litecoin

It was in 2011 and it is still in 2018. This lack of vision and will to separate bitcoin and create your own niche will cost Litecoin its existence.

Litecoin can do everything Bitcoin can do and it's often called a testnet for bitcoin . But who needs a multi-billion dollar testnet - who needs two identical projects because one is enough and it's a winner who takes the whole battle.

The litecoin depends on the coin. It's not just a hypothesis, it was Charlie's vision from the start of the project.

LTC appreciated the treatment as a little brother of a Bitcoin - the technology was similar to that trade and portfolios can easily integrate where they have integrated the bitcoin . This gave it exposure and liquidity, which drove up the price of litecoin , especially since many would use it for faster transactions between trades or wallets, as it had more transaction time. faster than bitcoin . In the meantime, there are many other parts that can be used for this purpose that are even faster and cheaper, almost free ( Nano for example).

With Coinbase and other exchanges adding new projects, the top 10 market caps being dominated by very diverse and colorful coins and a general lack of media attention and focus on Litecoin unless it makes a move of significant price, I don't know what would motivate newcomers to do the research necessary to discover the potential of Litecoin .

Lack of clear use cases also drives prices down

So, if the usefulness of Litecoin as a micro-payment solution is now in question, where is it? I suppose it could be the “money” of the “gold” of Bitcoin , but if Bitcoins are (basically) infinitely divisible and act as a good store of value, then what does Litecoin do ?

As the Bitcoin network continues to be optimized and upgraded with new innovations such as Lightning Network, the use cases for Litecoin will disappear, as will its reason for existing.

Litecoin does not have the name recognition that Bitcoin has. It has a fantastic advantage for improving much faster than Bitcoin , but with the ramp-up of many other projects that have basic codes that are already more suited to micro-transactions and scaling, Litecoin did he miss the train? I would say yes.

LTCs will continue to decline as investors move towards more realistic goals. If someone replaces fiat, it will be bitcoin and not litecoin . Litecoin's blessing and curse has been its mirroring of bitcoin - they have enjoyed the ride in the past, but with every contraction in the market, we will lose projects that have no reason to exist, like Litecoin .

Our 2019 Litecoin price forecast

The CTA , like the rest of the market is tightly coupled and depends on the price action of bitcoin . If bitcoin embarks on another bull run, LTC can also hope for one. Since this is very unlikely, this litecoin price prediction guide in summary tells you not to expect a lot of changes for LTC prices this year. 2019 will therefore be a year of boring side action with minor flaming jumps and collapses.

The litecoin is also troubled by the lack of interest from the developer community, which is another obstacle to higher prices litecoin .

Read our updated guide on the most profitable parts to extract.

It all sums up one thing: the LTC could live with orchestrated pumps and, for a regular trader, completely unpredictable, but the majority of the time will be a murky side trade with small volume and no significant market interest. 

The prediction of the price of litecoin will depend heavily on what the BTC does and as many analysts believe the BTC will not take big strides this year, it is difficult to expect the LTC to do too. This litecoin forecast tells you that the price is likely to stagnate and experience slow depreciation or appreciation based on team activity, potential technological breakthrough, or high-level partnership.

2020 Litecoin Market and Price Prediction Experts

Litecoin is an original gangster coin, a copy of Bitcoin from the old days, one of the strongest brands in crypto space. Let's check out what market experts or crypto editorials are saying.

 Litecoin Trading Beasts  Forecast 

A crypto forecast website called trading beasts has predicted in its litecoin forecast based on technical analysis that by the end of 2020, the LTC forecast price will be around $ 50, and only a little higher in 2021 - expected to increase to $ 71.

Crypto Ground  Litecoin  Prediction 

Here is a more optimistic cryptoground prediction also formed through technical analysis, where they say in their price prediction in litecoin that by the end of 2020 the LTC could reach $ 88, and in five years the litecoin could reach $ 347.

CoinFan   Litecoin Prediction

CoinFan is a website that offers Litecoin price forecasts and forecasts for each relevant cryptocurrency via their proprietary algo which calculates price forecasts based on technical analysis. Their algorithm is terribly bullish as they predict that Litcoin could reach $ 472 by the end of 2019 and could reach $ 1,687 by the end of 2020.

Wallet Investor  Litecoin  Forecast 

Wallet Investor is known for its pragmatic prediction of cryptocurrency. They believe in their Litecoin price forecast that the LTC could drop to a figure - $ 3.17 by December 2019, where the high price for the year could be around $ 45.

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