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Earn up to $ 0,80 cents more with your Windows Mining Rigs every day!

You can boost your Mining Rig performance on Windows by watching videos while mining with the following method:

Its super simple and can also be done on any system. ( not only rigs )

Create an account at the website Freecash:

Its the biggest "free cash" website on the internet. Dont worry, you wont do any tasks or anything awful.

Then you create an account at the website

Detailed "walk through":

After that you can link up your Freecash Account with For that you must be logged in at both websites, then you go to and click on "Redeem" on the left site; normally it does link it automaticlly, but if not; then just click "Link Account" on the right site, there you will find Freecash too.
You go back to Freecash and open the Offerwall and choose "Lootibly"; from there you click on Videos, then you see a link to watch Videos on I recommend using the "Food" Playlist, its long and the Videos are short.

And thats it, just let the video run in front for 24/7, normally it runs the whole day, but i check it anyway because i daily check my node if everything is running smoothly there. Dont minimize it, it must be in the front, not in the background. Monitor can be turned off. And thats it, i daily transfer around 800 points to Freecash and that are 80 cents, if you multiply it with 31, its around 25 Dollar extra each month.
Now we talk about the payout methods, Freecash has nearly every option to do a payout; bitcoin, eth, doge, paypal, litecoin, or amazon gifts cards etc etc etc... The lowest threshold is via Dogecoin, the first payout must be 2 dollar, the others after that only 1,50 dollar.
I run this on my storage node 24/7, you can also run this on your windows mining rigs, no problem at all.

Just ask me if you have questions.

Your mining rigs will only loose 1-2 mhs in total.

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