Did you know that Coinmarketcap has a daily Reward System?

We all know the website Coinmarketcap ( https://coinmarketcap.com/ ), but did you know that they have a daily reward system? Every day you just log in and claim some diamonds, with these diamonds you can buy limited NFTs on their website; f.e. in the next 18hours you will be able to buy a NFT that will give you access to a Play to Earn Game; im not saying that you will be able to buy this NFT if you register now, because you wont ( also i dont too, because i just started too using the reward system ), this NFT will costs 2000 diamonds and you will earn 140 diamonds per week; if you register now, if you are not already have an account there, we both will get 20 free diamonds if we claim 100 diamonds together; i know its not much, but, you didnt know about the reward system, right? :)

So register now with my ref link and we both will get 20 diamonds and start claiming the diamonds together AND one day, you and me will be able to buy such a NFT i mentioned above for free, just for logging in daily and clicking on claim diamonds.

There are also some other ways to earn some diamonds, f.e. guessing which country will be the next to adopt bitcoin as a currency ;)

We all know that Coinmarktcap is a legit website, im not promoting a scam or anything, this is coinmarketcap, its like im doing an infomercial, i will not get rich some that ;) So dont miss out on their easy reward system, if you register without ref link, what you can do of course, but then you will just miss out on 20 diamonds:


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